BELVILLA is a member of Belvilla AG. Belvilla AG will be referred to as 'Belvilla' in this disclaimer.

Availability and prices

The offer will always be without obligation and will be made subject to interim changes. All statements on the website are deemed to have been made in good faith and will always be subject to interim adjustments. Belvilla will not be liable for apparent errors and omissions on its websites. Nevertheless, please contact us should you discover any errors. We appreciate any feedback you give us.


Belvilla is not responsible for information on the website drawn up on the basis of third-party information, including but not limited to information about tourist attractions and events, as well as information on points of interest in the vicinity of the holiday home and information provided explicitly by the home owner (such as tips).

In its aim to serve its international customers in the best way possible, Belvilla sometimes uses the website Google Translate to translate content. If this is the case, a statement to that effect will be placed with the content in question. Belvilla is not responsible for the content of these translations, but only for the original source text.

Belvilla is not responsible for the availability, correctness and topicality of third-party websites to which this website is linked.

Technical availability

Belvilla is not responsible for any loss that has been or threatens to be caused by or that arises from or is in any way connected to the use of the website or the unavailability of the website. If you encounter a technical failure, you can rest assured that Belvilla will remedy it as soon as possible.

Applicability of General Terms and Conditions

The General Terms and Conditions of Belvilla apply to all accommodations offered for rent on this website. You can read and/or download the contents of these terms and conditions. Dutch law applies to the complete range of accommodations. The competent court is in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Geographic maps

To show the location of the holiday homes and points of interest in the vicinity, the Belvilla websites use Google Maps. These maps are indicative only. No rights can be derived from these maps. If available, please read the description of the home for information on the holiday home's location. You will receive the exact address of the holiday home together with your booking documents.

Google Maps is freely available third-party software and Belvilla is not responsible for the content thereof, nor liable for any errors or omissions in that software.

Web partners and affiliates

Belvilla provides information on holiday homes and schedules to third parties for presentation on external websites. In these cases, Belvilla takes care of the processing of the booking. Belvilla is not liable for errors and omissions on the websites of these parties. Please inform us if you come across incorrect information on those websites, so that we can contact the external party to remedy this.

Additional services

On its website, Belvilla promotes additional services of third parties, including car rental and activities in the vicinity. Belvilla is not responsible or liable for the content of the websites of these parties, nor for the correct performance of the services by these parties.

Protection of intellectual property

This website and the content thereof are the intellectual property of Belvilla. Reproduction and/or distribution, regardless of the medium, whether for commercial purposes or otherwise, requires the prior written consent of Belvilla.

Using the trade names and pictorial marks of Belvilla is not permitted without the prior written consent of Belvilla.

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