Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Belvilla, at home in holiday homes since 1980, is an international tour operator offering holidays in a wide assortment of characteristic, quality, high value holiday homes in Europe. From castles to manor houses, from farms to windmills, from villas to chalets.

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You will find the General Terms and Conditions (a.k.a. the rental conditions) in the Belvilla Help Centre section.

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You will find this information under Contact Us.

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You have a complaint about Belvilla services or about your stay? You can express your complaint via the e-mail form on our Contact page. Choose ‘Other’ as the subject of your message and specify with ‘I have a complaint’. If you have a complaint on the spot, we’ll do our best to solve it during your stay. You can read more about our full complaints procedure in our General Terms and Conditions.

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Belvilla, one of the leading vacation home rentals in Europe has over 40,000 vacation homes. In business for over 40 years, Belvilla has enabled vacationers book their desired vacation homes from around the globe at a value for money price.

Belvilla AG, based in Zurich Switzerland is the contracting party for guests.
Belvilla Services B.V, based in Eindhoven Netherlands is a service provider of Belvilla AG.

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Belvilla has been a part of OYO since 2019. Founded in 2013, OYO is a full-stack, tech driven hospitality company that operates across 35 countries, offering a superior experience to both customers and homeowners.

The addition of OYO to the Belvilla logo reflects our journey to add more value to our customers and homeowners who have been part of the 40-year history in Europe, and are now supported by one of the global leaders in the industry, driven by technology.

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OYO was founded in 2013 and since then it has grown into a technology focused company that operates in diverse geographies, keeping customers and homeowners at the centre of everything we do. This fast paced growth has been backed by a strong mission, to empower entrepreneurs and small and medium companies that own or operate hotels and homes by providing full-stack technology products and services that aim to increase their earnings and ease their operations, and to enable a global network of customers to book affordable and trusted accommodations through a seamless digital experience on OYO’s platform.

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OYO has a comprehensive tech and product suite of 40 integrated solutions and offerings that create a strong value proposition for both customers and homeowners. OYO’s 3 click booking process, flexible cancellation policy and seamless payments and invoicing has led to superior customer experience across the globe. The OYO experience will come to Europe and Belvillas customers and homeowners over the next 12 months. This will ensure a uniformly elevated experience for all our customers and homeowners.

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Due to the Covid pandemic we still see changes in the regulations governing international travel come into force. We understand very well that you have questions about your booked holiday home. Of course we like to help you and provide clarity. 


To help you the best we can, we offer you several possibilities to change or cancel your booking yourself. Please click here and see if this might help you so you will not have to wait for our customer service colleagues.


Besides that, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions for you below. We hope this will give you more clarity. If you still have (additional) questions, please reach out to our Customer Service team. 


We recommend that you keep abreast of the rules and regulations that apply for your stay. 

For updated travel information from the European Union you can check this website or you can check the restrictions and travel advice from your respective authorities.


If you booked with us on or before 11 March 2020:
If you are not allowed to travel because of COVID-19 restrictions, you may cancel your trip free of charge. Please note, that quarantine after the stay and the requirement of a corona-test do not justify free cancellation. 

If you booked with us on or after 12 March 2020:
Cancellation free of charge is in principle not possible. 

 1. What if you have a voucher?

You can use this voucher on a booking or ask us to pay your money back. Please provide your IBAN details through your personal MyBelvilla environment and request for pay-out in the following link


 2. I made a booking with you before February 1, 2021 and by that time it was still covered by SGR. How is my booking impacted by the decision of Belvilla to leave SGR? 

Nothing has changed for you. Your booking is still covered by SGR. For more information about the SGR guarantee we refer you to


3. What if I want to cancel my booking?

In principle the normal cancellation conditions will apply and we pay back what you are entitled to.


4. What should I do if I am on my holiday and the situation changes, e.g. a lockdown?

If you are staying in an area where the travel warning changes (e.g. lockdown), please contact us via the 24/7 SOS (number listed on your travel voucher) and the local offices. Until then, stay safe and follow the advice of the relevant authorities.


5. I have made a future booking with Belvilla, but I am worried that I will not be able to travel because of the Covid.  What should I do?

We advise you to stay informed of the measures and travel advice of your own government and local authorities. For updated travel information from the European Union you can check this website or you can check the restrictions and travel advice from your respective authorities.

Please do not refrain from paying your booking in time as this will cancel your booking automatically, with cancellation costs. Of course you are always welcome to check the flexible cancellation conditions that might apply for your booking. These are available for you in your MyBelvilla space (you login with your booking number)  

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