Roller coaster in the amusement park on the water

The 5 best and most fun amusement parks in Germany

Germany is home to some of the most beautiful amusement parks in all of Europe. Which amusement parks are worth the most? To find out, we took a close look at all of them and selected the top 5 amusement parks. These are ideal for day trips. But even those who stay overnight will not feel bored here. Read our blog article now and find out which amusement parks are best for you to visit soon.

Rocking in Switzerland

Caribana Festival 2022 on Lac Leman (Lake Geneva) Switzerland

Celebrate Caribbean music in style by attending the Caribana Festival and three other music festivals to enjoy throughout the summer on Lake Geneva. Indulge in a great atmosphere and wonderful music, and find the perfect holiday home for your concert experience.

The Eurovision Song Contest in Turin: Find out what the trip costs for you

It’s the big music highlight in Europe: in May, the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) will take place in Turin, Italy this year. In the final, 25 entries from the countries will perform and compete for every point from the jury and the international audience. Experiencing this event up close is a big dream for many fans of the song contest. We have found out for you how expensive such a weekend trip with a visit to the final show is and how expensive a whole week with all the ESC events turns out to be. We have calculated the travel, accommodation, ticket, sightseeing and food costs for the weekend and for the whole week.

Beautiful little girl swimming in a lake with inflatable ring

Ensure your children stay safe on your Belvilla family lakeside vacation

Natural water environments present specific challenges when it comes to child safety. Make sure you know what measures you should be considering and addressing. You cannot afford to leave anything to chance where the safety of children is concerned – especially when water is involved. If you would like some help or advice on the subject, please read on.