A Family Break in February in Devon

Devon is not just a great place to visit for a summer holiday. The county also has some wonderful attractions families can enjoy on short breaks for the February half term.

Kids love donkeys, and the “Stories of Sanctuary Spirit Trail at The Donkey Sanctuary” in Sidmouth, East Devon, is perfect for a family visit. It’s open every day until 17 March, so it’s a great idea for a quick break in February.

The Sanctuary Spirit Trail at The Donkey Sanctuary is an ideal location for a family outing, providing a healthy outdoor experience and the chance for the children to show off their brainpower. It only costs £5, and at the end of the walk, children are awarded a prize.

In addition to the trail, this short break in February idea has a play area where the kids can let their hair down. There are some fascinating talks laid on, scenic walks, exhibits, and the sanctuary’s award-winning gardens. Of course, there are also loads of adorable donkeys with which your little ones can get acquainted.

If your family includes a pet dog, they are welcome too, provided you keep them on their leads.

The reason why Devon is one of the top locations for February short breaks in the UK is there is so much to do here. You have the immersive dome at Market Hall in Devonport, where your family can enjoy a fantastic 360° show. The 15-metre dome is the first of its kind in Europe and provides awesome family-friendly, full-scale virtual reality experiences for visitors who don VR headsets.

Other family attractions for a break in February in Devon include lambing time at The Big Sheep near Bideford, Paignton Zoo, and the woolly animal farm Park just outside Winkleigh in North Devon.

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Escape to the Sun with a Short Break in February in Malaga, Spain

It might not be the best time of year for swimming in the sea, but the Spanish winter sun is plenty warm enough to enjoy sunbathing and frolicking on the beach during a short break in February in Malaga. But Malaga is more than a beach location. There are plenty of other things for your family to enjoy, such as joining in the fun of the Malaga Carnival.

Other than the main event which runs from the 11th to the 19th of February, there is also a special children’s carnival from the 13th to the 16th. The parade starts at noon, and from 2 PM till 7 PM, there’s an abundance of fun and games laid on for children at the Plaza de la Constitución. There is also a children’s fancy dress competition, which takes place on Sunday the 12th. For a great selection of costumes, make-up, and accessories, visit Luis Casquilla (Calle Juan de Padilla 12, off Plaza Uncibay) and Party Land (Paseo de Reding 47, near the bullring). Fully immersing yourself in the carnival is what makes this one of the best short breaks in February.

To calm things down a little after all that carnival fun, you can go off the beaten tourist trail and discover the vertical garden of Malaga, which is beautiful to see, even in February. To locate it, take a stroll down Calle Andrés Pérez, then make a left and then a right.

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For a Short Break in February — visit the Venice Carnival

Most people tend to think of Venice as a romantic destination, but it’s also a fun place to visit, especially for a short break in February with your family, when you can join in with the goings on at the Venice carnival. Your kids will love it.

Venice carnival runs from the 4th to the 21st of February. It includes acrobats, dancers, jugglers, and musicians, and its rules are fascinating. You have to at least wear a mask, or better still, do the whole fancy-dress thing. The Doctor of Plague costume is very popular with teens. As short breaks in February go, experiencing the Venice carnival is a marvellous and mysterious experience – leastwise it should be, because the main theme of the event is anonymity – something that makes it even for fun, especially for kids.

You should, of course, wear a traditional Venice carnival mask — mysterious in itself. But also, you’re not supposed to talk. When you want to acknowledge someone, do it by bowing your head, or with a simple hand gesture. By remaining in Cognito, no one knows if you’re a man or a woman, a boy or a girl, young or old, a local or a foreigner. It’s a great idea and makes for one of the best short breaks for the February half-term.

You can wander the streets too, along with others, many of whom will be in fancy dress. Of course, a trip in a gondola is a must. You can’t deny your kids such an iconic experience, including bucketfuls of genuine Italian pizza and gelato.

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