The Caribana Festival took place in Switzerland from June 15 to June 19 but shouldn’t be confused with Caribana Festival Toronto (Canada), held between July 28 and August 1. Although they are both different events, they celebrate the same thing — the emergence of Caribbean music.

The Caribana Festival Port of Crans-près-Céligny

The Caribana Festival in Switzerland started on June 15 in Nyon. Initially, it was held in 1969 to give Swiss residents (and holidaymakers to the region) a chance to enjoy a live music concert on the shores of Lac Leman. It was a five-day event, with a different program each day.

The line-up for the opening concert on the 15th included The Offspring, Powerwolf, Promethee, grandson, Holding Absence, Ad Infinitum DJ Saint Xavier, and Jian Djives.

The concert that took place on the 16th featured Mika, Louane, Kilschée, Oscar Anton, BARON.E, Sophie de Quay, Thelma & Luca. Tom A. Smith, DJ Keiko, and La Notte.

On the 17th, the line-up included Fatboy Slim, Meduza, Myd Riton, Boston Bun, Jessiquoi, La Colère, Djives. Tic Tac Tec, DJ Mr Chug, and Nassim.

The line-up for the concert on the 18th included PLK, Zola, Soso Maness, Wolfgang, KT Gorique, Naomi Lareine, Younès, Balezco, Silance, Club Katel, and Bash DJ.

The final event on the 19th featured a DJ set — France 79.

View from a plane window on aerial of Geneva and Lac Leman
View from a plane window on aerial of Geneva and Lac Leman

Lac Leman, France – Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Lac Leman is the original French name for what is now mostly referred to as Lake Geneva. The lake, one of the largest in Western Europe, shares its shores with Switzerland and France. Many arrive for the festival and wish to stay longer due to Lake Geneva Riviera’s breathtaking beauty. Superb alpine scenery, gorgeous meadows of colourful flowers, glaciers, and quaint chalet-style villages.

Although you might have missed this year’s Caribana festival, you can still choose from several Belvilla holiday homes on the lake — from intimate, cosy cottages to spacious abodes. It is the ideal location for biking, walking or trekking holidays with the added attraction of some great music thrown in if you time your visit right. There is also more than just one festival.

The Caribana is the first open-air music festival of the season and is regarded by many as the best of the small music festivals in Europe.

This year’s concert was the 30th edition of the Caribana being staged in Switzerland. It was especially long-awaited due to the previous concerts being cancelled because of the COVID pandemic. Visitors arrived in their droves, and the lucky ones calmed themselves down after a long night of partying in the quiet of their beautiful nearby Belvilla holiday home.

Panoramic view of Geneva Lake in Vevey town
Panoramic view of Geneva Lake in Vevey town

Four Summer Concerts

To celebrate the 30th edition, hardcore festival fans were able to buy one pass, which covers four concerts in total. You pick one night of the three remaining separate events for only 120 CHF. It is the perfect excuse for a few short breaks, and you can find a Belvilla holiday home nearby to make your stay comfortable and memorable. The three remaining events are:

  • The Summer Open Air Festival – July 26 to 30. The Estivale Open Air festival was first held in 1991 and has been held yearly since (COVID permitting) in Estavayer-le-Lac. The venue is on the peninsula of Nova Friburgo square on a magnificent stage situated on the edge of the Lac Leman.
  • The Rock Oz’Arènes Festival – August 10 to 14. Another of the great music festivals held near Lake Geneva. This one takes place in the majesty of the Roman amphitheatre of Avenches.
  • The Chant du Gros Festival – September 7 to 10. The last of the four-day festivals at the Chemin du Chant du Gros. Why stay on the campsite when you can rent a wonderful Belvilla holiday home nearby for the best possible experience.

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Teenagers at summer music festival enjoying themselves
Teenagers at summer music festival enjoying themselves

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