Fun Fact #1: Unusual Travel Companions

Packing a travel pillow
Packing a travel pillow

What are the most popular habits and unusual preferences for German vacationers when packing for their holidays? We at Belvilla have asked around about a few fun facts for your enlightenment.

One of the most unusual things that many German holidays seem to think should not be missing from the contents of your suitcase is the personal travel pillow.

For 31% of Germans, this fluffy companion is absolutely indispensable as a head and neck support for long car journeys, air travel, or train journeys. would you have guessed? Perhaps you would. Especially if you like your creature comforts.

Smell the coffee and stay awake

Whereas the personal travel pillow might help to put you to sleep, a nice cup of coffee can keep you wide awake to enjoy some of the great sights you will encounter on your journey.

It may be short on fluffiness, but intense, bitter, or mild – whole beans or ground – with a 21% pick-me-up ability, coffee comes in in second place of the most unusual travel must-haves for the German traveller while wending their way to their Belvilla holiday home.

Chocolate hazelnut heaven

While the Brits might be partial to their Kit Kats and Mars bars, the Germans adore sweeties made with chocolate hazelnut cream. Sweet and creamy, this much-loved spread has become an indispensable part of the breakfast table for many Germans.

8% of Germans 4th voted this sweet delight into 4th place on the list of weird and wonderful packing essentials. It helps them to arrive at their Belvilla holiday home destination in the best frames of mind.

On your bike

If you’re going on a biking or touring holiday, why fall into the trap of having to hire a bike? Leastways that is the thinking of many of our German friends. You might have problems fitting a bike into your suitcase, but you can always mount one or more on the back or roof of your car, providing you have the right gear.

One thing is certain – cycling holidays have been more popular than ever since the pandemic, so just like as the Boy Scout motto says, be prepared.

A Good luck charm

Do you carefully avoid walking under ladders or cross the road every time you see a black cat? People have some of the craziest superstitions, and the German holidaymaker is no exception.

We know of one German traveller who always takes his lucky dollar with him where ever he goes – including on the journey to his Belvilla holiday home. Kids might take a beloved toy, and dads might wear their lucky socks. What would be your personal lucky talisman?

Whatever your superstitions, if you have them, they need to be listened to – especially when you’re going on holiday and are traveling to your Belvilla holiday home. Make sure Lady Luck is smiling at you., and always travel in comfort.

All these little bits and pieces can make all the difference to your journey. Travelling in comfort and packing all the things you might need on your holiday will help to ensure you get the best out of your vacation experience.

These factual findings are based on a survey of 150 German Belvilla holiday home enthusiasts.

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