It’s the big music highlight in Europe: in May, the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) will take place in Turin, Italy this year. In the final, 25 entries from the countries will perform and compete for every point from the jury and the international audience. Experiencing this event up close is a big dream for many fans of the song contest. We have found out for you how expensive such a weekend trip with a visit to the final show is and how expensive a whole week with all the ESC events turns out to be. We have calculated the travel, accommodation, ticket, sightseeing and food costs for the weekend and for the whole week.

All travel-happy ESC fans travelling for the weekend can expect to pay at least €184 for a train journey to and from the venue, all depending on the departure country. By plane, the prices increase up to 303 euros. To be able to stroll through Turin by public transport, fans will pay another ten euros for a 72-hour ticket.

Of course, the biggest expense awaits fans for tickets to the grand finale: up to 1,760 euros are currently being asked for tickets on the usual ticket marketplaces. To experience the show up close costs visitors an average of 1,131 euros per person.

As a city of 890,000 inhabitants, Turin offers a wide range of accommodation: For two nights in a hotel room or holiday home, fellow travellers pay an average of 1,074 euros. If there is still some time before the final at 9 pm or the morning after, fans can discover the most beautiful corners of the city, which is located in mountainous Piedmont. On average, admission to the 20 most popular sights in the metropolis of northern Italy costs 6.90 euros, seven attractions can be visited for free.

As the land of pizza and pasta, Italy is particularly popular with all food lovers. Turin also has a lot to offer for the palate: Prices range from three euros for a Pizza Marinara to 38 euros. That’s what the chefs charge for a traditional Orecchia Di Elefante. This is a typical dish of breaded cutlet and vegetables. Six restaurant visits including meal and drink cost an average of 91.60 euros. In total, there are 30 restaurants and bars in Turin that claim to be LGBTQI+ friendly.

Considering all these costs, fans pay a minimum of 2,485 and 2,356 euros for travelling per train and plane respectively for a weekend to ESC and city trip through Turin.

All the expenses you have to reckon with for a weekend including the grand final of the contest can be found in the overview in this table:

The first event of the most famous European song contest will take place on Tuesday. So especially big fans can already arrive on the Monday before the final and experience all the preliminary rounds. Visitors have to reckon with 163 or 115 euros for the journey by plane or train, respectively (all depending on the departure country), as well as 17.50 euros for a city ticket. Alternatively, visitors can buy a ticket for 88 euros and get discounts on various activities in the city. Eating your way through the city's restaurants for a week adds 214 euros to the bill. Visiting the 20 most popular sights will cost fans 137 euros. A seven-night stay in a hotel or holiday flat will cost an average of 2,623 euros.

As with the weekend, fans who are in Turin for a week have to pay the most for tickets: On average, tickets cost 6,069 euros to attend all nine events, including the preliminary rounds and the final. The total cost for a full week of ESC is 9,223 euros if you travel by plane.

The costs for a full week of ESC can be found here at a glance:  

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