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Group accommodations for 14 to 16 people

Would you like to take a break with the whole family or a large group of friends? Take a look at our portfolio of group accommodations for 14 to 16 persons. Both close to home and farther away there are several large holiday homes to find! How about group accommodation in Belgium or the Netherlands? Do you prefer to go on winter sports? There's plenty to choose from!


Group accommodations in the Netherlands

Are you looking for group accommodation for 14 to 16 people, but you don't want to drive far? Then a holiday home in the Netherlands is highly recommended. In which region would you like to stay with your group?

Both in the middle of nature as well as by the sea, there are plenty of large holiday homes to be found. How about a holiday home for 14 or more people on the Veluwe or in North Brabant? In these regions you can go on beautiful walking and cycling trips, but of course there is often plenty to do in the surrounding towns and villages too.

There are also plenty of group accommodations where you can stay with a large group if you'd prefer to head to the Dutch coast. Stay on Texel, or choose a beautifully situated holiday home in Zeeland. Some of our group accommodations for 14 to 16 people in the Netherlands are located on a holiday park. Here you will often have all facilities, such as a swimming pool, playground or restaurant at your fingertips.

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Group accommodations in Belgium

Would you prefer to go to Belgium with the whole family or a large group of friends for a weekend or midweek break or week away? Even then you can find a great holiday home at Belvilla for 14 to 16 people. Have a look at our offers in the Ardennes or on the Belgian coast.

Our 14-16 person holiday homes are often situated in beautiful surroundings and have fantastic facilities. For example, an indoor or outdoor pool or a spacious garden with playground equipment for any kids in the group. A number of group accommodations in the Ardennes are also located close to amazingly beautiful walking and cycling routes, so you can spend the whole day out and about. If you are in the Ardennes, a visit to the authentic villages in the region is also worthwhile.

In addition to the Ardennes, there are of course many other group accommodations in Belgium for 14 or more people. Will you choose a holiday home on the Belgian coast? Here too you can enjoy walking and cycling, or simply enjoy a spot of sunbathing on the beach.


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Winter sports with a group

Are you a true winter sports enthusiast and do you prefer to go on a winter sports holiday with a group? Discover our wide range of group accommodations in Austria or France. There is plenty of choice in both large and small ski resorts.

What could be more fun than going on a winter sports holiday with a group of friends or the whole family? Belvilla has various winter sports accommodations for 14 or 16 people. Choose a holiday home in Austria close to the slopes or on the outskirts of the village. Or choose a luxury chalet with wellness facilities in France. For large groups of friends as well as families with children, there are several holiday homes to be found.Is your winter sports gear packed and ready?


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Frequently asked questions regarding 14 to 16 person holiday homes
Can I rent a 14 to 16 person holiday homes with a discount?

Yes you can get a discount for a 14 to 16 person holiday homes. By registering for the newsletter you can get a € 50,- discount.

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