An 8 person holiday to remember

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Renting a Belvilla 8 person holiday home

A holiday with 8 people starts with searching for an 8 person holiday home. At Belvilla you'll find suitable accommodation for every kind of holiday that you can enjoy in a group of eight people. Are you going skiing, heading for a week in the sun or going hiking together? Find a suitable 8 person holiday home at Belvilla. 


8 person ski holiday

Most ski resorts have several bungalows and holiday homes available where you can stay with a larger group of friends or acquaintances. It goes without saying that you would like an 8 person group accommodation that is located as close to the slopes as possible.

So you can enjoy the snow to the max, and after a tiring day everyone can return to the holiday home in no time at all. An 8 person holiday does require forward planning. Hiring skis, booking restaurants; some things are best done a day or two in advance. The composition of your group also plays a part in your preparations. Are you a large family or are you travelling with a group of friends? On a winter holiday, not everyone in the group will have the same skiing aptitude. It's not a bad idea therefore to split into smaller groups, so that everyone can do their thing. Maybe there are people who prefer cross-country skiing or snowshoeing? Ski resorts in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and France have something for everyone. Some of the group can explore the trails while others can go skiing or snowboarding. The après-ski can be enjoyed as a group at the end of the day.

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8 person family holiday in the sun

There are many 8 person families who go on holiday together. It may be a couple with lots children, or it might be that your offspring's partners join in the fun. Or perhaps you would like to spend your holiday with your sibling's family?

If you are looking for an 8 person holiday home in a sunny destination, accommodation with a swimming pool is highly recommended. An 8 person group isn't always the easiest to head out on an outing with, so a day relaxing in your 8 person holiday home is also very appealing. Another advantage of an 8 person holiday home is the self-catering option it provides. This can result in very pleasant, unforgettable moments. Forward planning is essential if you're going on an 8 person holiday in the sun. Who likes to lie on the beach? Who would rather go out in the great outdoors? And who would rather do something adventurous on holiday? Destinations such as Italy, the south of France or Croatia are very versatile, offering something for everyone. Belvilla's portolio is really extensive in these countries.

8 person walking holiday in the mountains

An 8 person mountain cabin is very popular with groups looking to enjoy a walking holiday together. Shorter hikes in Switzerland and Austria as well as challenging mountain hikes are great to do in the summer months. Walking in an 8 person group is immensely sociable.

It is important to reach an average pace that everyone in the 8 person group can easily follow. An 8 person holiday home must be booked in advance, so you're guaranteed a play to stay after an intensive day of exertion. The most beautiful tours can be found in the Alps and Vosges. Here you will come across stunning views. You walk along glaciers and meadows and can endlessly enjoy the mighty, beautiful nature. Depending on the group, various routes of difficulty can be followed. Some routes are a real challenge that require specialist gear. This type of tour is preferable with a group that has some experience in mountaineering. Other routes can be described as walks that you can follow with children. You will find enough information to plan your trip down to the finest detail at home, to suit your group's expectations and aptitude.

8 person party holiday with friends

Fancy going wild for a change? Then an 8 person party holiday with friends is highly recommended. Great cities and places that are perfect for this type of holiday can be found all over Europe. How about an 8 person trip to one of the Canary Islands or beautiful Greece?

Spain, Italy, France or Croatia, wherever you go, there is always a party town or village. For an 8 person party holiday it is important to take a close look at the destination's nightlife options in advance. Are there clubs and discos, or is the nightlife more prevalent in bars and cafes? Can you dance there or is it more of a getting together socially kind of place? Make sure that there is something going on during the day so that you don't get bored. And most importantly: take the wishes of the entire group into account. So you can be sure of a successful holiday.

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