With a holiday home in the Achterhoek, you can enjoy the abundance of vast forests, charming villages, historic towns, rivers and beautiful castles. It is a region bursting with culture and history, and hence the perfect destination for a wonderful holiday. Whether you like looking for history or actively pursuing nature, you can do it all while on holiday in Gelderland in this beautiful region! Book your holiday home in the Achterhoek for a wonderful stay in unique surroundings!

A holiday home in the Achterhoek: the ideal starting point!

With self-catering accommodation in the Achterhoek you can enjoy staying in a beautiful part of the world, with all the comforts of home! The Achterhoek is the perfect environment in which to leave it all behind for a while, thanks to the peaceful surroundings and vast panoramas. Little meadows nestle between forests, heathland and meandering streams. In spring, it is the most beautiful place to see nature blossoming; in winter, it looks like a white fairytale world; in autumn, you can enjoy beautiful colours; and in summer, it is the perfect place for sports activities. In fact, you can enjoy a holiday home in the Achterhoek any time of the year.

Plenty of cycling fun while on holiday in the Achterhoek!

From your holiday home in the Achterhoek you can get straight on your bike ! The region is known as a perfect cycling area thanks to so many signposted routes. What's more, the region is so diverse that you can travel endless miles here without getting bored! Beautiful scenery is interspersed with historic towns and picturesque villages. For example, get on the road and follow the 'Eight Castles Route'! Cycle past the eight castles of Vorden and take a break in the coach house at Castle Hackfort. Or go straight through stunning scenery along the river Berkel, following the Berkel route. Plenty to see and plenty to explore from self-catering accommodation in the Achterhoek. Saddle sore at all? Then get off your bike soon, because there are plenty of walking routes in this beautiful part of Gelderland!

Seeing and doing in the Achterhoek

Throughout the year there is plenty to see and do in the Achterhoek! This varied region offers young and old alike plenty of activities while on holiday. What about the many events, the various exhibitions, the spectacular attractions and the beautiful sights? Whether the weather is good or bad, you never get bored while on holiday in the Achterhoek! Children can go wild in the playgrounds, the tree-climbing forests and the largest maze in Europe. For adults, the Achterhoek has various museums, beautiful castles totally worth a visit and plenty of local produce tastings. Browse our range of holiday homes in the Achterhoek soon, and enjoy a wonderful stay in a varied environment!

The benefits of self-catering accommodation in the Achterhoek

You can enjoy the very best of the Achterhoek in one of our holiday homes. You are not quite in another world altogether, you can also enjoy home comforts! Want to know more about this beautiful part of Gelderland? Then browse our range soon! Or take a look at what's available and go looking for a holiday home in the Veluwe range!

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