Alsace: a varied holiday filled with historical and culinary delights

A holiday in Alsace is perfect for nature lovers. The French Alsace region consists of two parts, the Bas-Rhin and the Haut-Rhin. These two parts owe their name to the Rhine that runs through the area. In the west of Alsace, the lowlands give way to a mountainous region, making the region a varied holiday destination. A holiday home in Alsace is just perfect if you are looking for a region that has something to offer in terms of nature, culture, architecture and gastronomy. Alsace is also recommended when travelling with your dog. Alsace has more than 12,000 kilometres of hiking trails, which you will enjoy discovering in the company of your four-legged friend. There are light, short walks, as well as long hikes leading past majestic castles, picturesque villages and impressive vineyards. If you feel at home in the countryside, you can easily spend your holiday in Alsace outdoors without ever crossing the same path twice. The national park in the Vosges is also highly recommended. It is possible to call upon the services of a guide, but you can also go out on your own.

A holiday home in Alsace for active and adventurous people

There is also a lot to do in Alsace for the adventurous tourist. If cycling is your thing, don't miss out on this region. Alsace is a beautiful region that has a lot to offer to mountain bike fanatics. There are approximately 2,000 kilometres of cycle-friendly roads around the holiday homes in Alsace. Some routes are ideal to do with children, others require a little more training, and focus on seasoned cyclists. The trails in the Vosges are challenging and varied. The different circuits are available for a short trip as well as for a week's hike, during which you will spend the night on a farm located along your route. In addition to cycling, horseback riding is also a favourite activity in Alsace. The horses that you can rent on site, know the region and will show you Alsace from a totally new angle. Are you a true daredevil? Then you should definitely visit a holiday park in Alsace. There are several tree-climbing parks that have a course for the little ones as well as for the real thrill seekers. Parc Alsace Aventure, for example, is a holiday park in Alsace with over 3000 metres of cable cars located at an altitude of 40 metres.

Discover the rich culture of Alsace from a villa

Are you fascinated by history and architecture? Then Alsace will also be the place to be for you. The region has over 250 museums with collections covering everything from prehistory to contemporary modern art. But the main eye-catchers are the feudal castles that you can visit in Alsace. So Alsace is a good choice if you are looking for a romantic holiday that will take you from castle to castle. The best known castle is undoubtedly Haut Koeningsbourg. This castle is located near Orschwiller, about 10 kilometres west of Sélestat. The impressive castle is located at an altitude of 755 metres above the Rhine valley, on a rocky ridge in the Vosges. The castle of Sleeping Beauty, as seen in the Walt Disney film, is said to be based on this castle. Holiday homes in Alsace with a view of the Haut Koeningsbourg are of course very popular, but if you really want to breathe in the atmosphere of the castle, you should definitely visit it.

Culinary delights in Alsace

Alsace is also surprising in terms of gastronomy. There are many local delicacies that are served in the various cosy restaurants. Sauerkraut, fish platter, Bäckeoffe or Flammeküche, just to name a few of the many delicacies you can find here. You will of course enjoy one of the region's famous wines with your meal. A wine tasting at the different winegrowers is also an option. If you are more of a beer lover, you'll also find what you're looking for here. More than half of all French beers are brewed in Alsace. A tour of the various breweries will immerse you in a world of unique flavours and smells. A great advantage of Alsace is that you can taste all these delicacies in a historical, picturesque or unique setting that makes it taste even better. From mysterious rooms to small restaurants, you are always assured of a memorable meal. A true feast for your taste buds. And if you can't get enough of it, just take a few bottles home with you to enjoy later.

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Holiday in Alsace - FAQs
What are the most important places to visit in Alsace?

La Petite France, Musée Alsacien, and Cave Historique des Hospices de Strasbourg are some places that you must visit in Alsace.

Any activities that I must include during my stay in Alsace?

Some of the must-try activities in Alsace are:

  • Walk and cycle through the quaint town and surrounding forests
  • Visit local bakeries, cafes and wine bars
  • Explore museums
What are the recommended dishes?

Some of the recommended dishes in Alsace are Grumbeere Kiechle (potato pancakes), escargots (snails), goose foie gras, choucroute (fermented cabbage), salted pork and assorted sausages.

When is the ideal time to visit Alsace, France?

The best time to visit Alsace, France is between the months of May and October.

If I’m coming from the UK, what are my options?

Travellers from the UK can reach Paris, Luxembourg or Basel by air, rail, ferry or motor vehicles. From there, Alsace is a train or bus ride away.

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