Ardennes - Dinant, Han, Chimay and the surrounding area

Find your ideal holiday home in the Ardennes in the Dinant - Han - Chimay region near Belvilla! We have a wide range of beautiful holiday homes to take a break from it all. A complete summer holiday, a short weekend away or a midweek in the spring? Take a look at our range and discover this beautiful area from the comfort of your own holiday home! Dinant, Han and Chimay all offer plenty of opportunities, activities and sights to keep you entertained. Prefer to relax and do nothing for a day? Then our holiday homes with wellness facilities are the answer. In short, book a holiday holiday home in the Ardennes near Dinant - Han - Chimay and leave everything as it is.

Enjoy a versatile stay with a holiday home in Dinant

Quite rightly, Dinant is often characterized as the nicest town in the Ardennes. Dinant's past has left behind so many remarkable buildings that it seems as if time has stood still. High on the rocks you will find the Citadel of Dinant. Take the car, the steps or the cable car to the top and take a look at this beautiful building and its museum. From here, you also have a magnificent view of the surroundings. Curious about what life was like in the Middle Ages? Then go to the castle of Calles-Vêves. This beautiful, furnished feudal castle gives you a good impression of the daily life at this time. Getting a bit hungry from all this sightseeing? The culinary traditions of Dinant offer a solution! Dinant cake, Flamiche, characteristic beer from the traditional brewery... delicious specialities that you can eat and drink in your holiday home in the Ardennes around Dinant.

Discover the beautiful nature from your holiday home in the Ardennes

Around Dinant - Han - Chimay you will find a beautiful natural environment that you should discover during a walk or bike ride. In addition, the region is also home to a number of special caves, of which the cave 'La Merveilleuse' is perhaps the most beautiful. Here, you will be amazed by the clarity of the stalactites and waterfalls. Are you a real adventurer? Then Dinant Aventure offers a solution. In this wooded quarry you can take part in sensational activities such as abseiling, climbing, underground routes and balance courses. Seen enough of the mainland? Then seek out the Meuse and the Lesse and take a beautiful boat or canoe trip. The possibilities are endless! Browse our range and find the ideal holiday home for you in the Ardennes!

Han: a special place for a wonderful holiday!

Han-sur-Lesse really is a beautiful location. It offers one of the most famous caves on our continent. The river Lesse has left behind beautiful limestone deposits and immense halls; you can't leave your holiday home without a visit. Moreover, on top of the cave you will find a truly magnificent, 250 hectare park of stunning unspoilt nature. Nowhere else will you learn more about the flora and fauna of the Ardennes.

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