Bavarian Forest

Holidays in the Bavarian Forest, also known as the "green roof of Europe". Nature lovers can have a great time here. This area in the south-east of Germany is one of the largest contiguous wooded areas in Europe. The countryside gradually rises from the Danube Valley to the border with the Czech Republic, after which the mountains turn into the Bohemian Forest. The highest peak is on the Grosse Arber (1,456 metres), near Bayerisch Eisenstein. In winter it is also possible to go skiing and cross-country skiing. The heart of the forest consists of a national park, where beautiful nature is preserved. But the Bavarian Forest has more to offer. The many medieval fortresses and cities with impressive castles and churches are worth seeing. Explore the many attractions of the area, from a unique holiday home in the Bavarian Forest.

Holiday homes in the Bavarian Forest, from quaint holiday homes to luxury villas

Our range of holiday homes in the Bavarian Forest is very varied. From a charming holiday home with a view of the Danube Valley, to a luxury villa within a fairytale location. Whether you're with the whole family or there's just the two of you, the Bavarian Forest is the perfect destination for a winning holiday. With Belvilla's varied range, you can find a holiday home that's right for you every time. Go for a quaint bungalow on a holiday park and make the most of all the extra facilities there. Or rent a holiday home with private pool or sauna and totally relax while on holiday in the Bavarian Forest.

Explore the beautiful scenery around your holiday home in the Bavarian Forest

From our holiday homes in the Bavarian Forest you can step right out into the region's abundance of nature. A large part of the region it taken up by the Bayerischer Wald national park, with an area of 240 km². Most of the park is more than 1,000 metres above sea level. Here you will find nature in all its beauty, with unique flora and fauna. Clear streams, green hills and rugged rock formations make this area a beautiful destination. The game reserve at Neuschönau is also worth a visit. At the information centre, you can get a sense of the animal life in the region, such as brown bears, wolves, black storks and the shy lynx. Art lovers can also indulge themselves at the natural park. The region is home to a number of beautiful art treasures on display in various museums. Visit the impressive national park from a holiday home in the Bavarian Forest.

There's plenty to do while on holiday in the Bavarian Forest

You won't sit still for a moment while on holiday in the Bavarian Forest. The glass museum in Frauenau is a must, with its glass collection going back three thousand years, featuring the most beautiful glass. A tribute to the ancient traditional craft of glass art, still practised today. Visit the Grosser Arbersee, with its beautiful, lush hills. Near the lake is a cable car, taking people through the trees to the top of the Grosse Arber. From the highest point, there is a beautiful view over the wooded region. The Bavarian Forest is also famous for its spectacular folk festivals. In the second week of August there is the annual popular festival Drachenstich, in Furth im Wald. Great if you can make your holiday in the Bavarian Forest coincide!

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Holiday in the Bavarian-Forest - FAQs
How many Belvilla houses can I choose from in the Bavarian-Forest?

There are 80+ Belvilla houses in the Bavarian Forest area.

What are the most important places to visit in the Bavarian Forest?

The most important places to visit in the Bavarian Forest area are The Upper Bavarian Forest Nature Park, Dampfbiermuseum, Glasmuseum, Waldmuseum, and JOSKA Bodenmais.

Any activities that I must include during my stay in the Bavarian Forest?

Some of the must-do activities in the Bavarian Forest are-

  • Taking a boat tour on the famous Danube river
  • Enjoying the TradiVari event held in Deggendorf town
  • Visiting a concert by the Bavarian State Opera
  • Enjoying the treetop walks in Baumwipfelpfad.
When is the ideal time to visit the Bavarian Forest?

The months from June to September are the best to visit the Bavarian Forest.

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