Swaying palms, white beaches and a crystal clear sea: this is technically a holiday in the Netherlands! You can find it on the island of Bonaire, which is in the Caribbean. This Caribbean paradise is part of the ABC islands of the Lesser Antilles and belongs to the Kingdom of the Netherlands as a special Dutch municipality.

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Top places of interest in Bonaire

White beaches and a crystal clear, azure blue sea

Real animal lovers

Slightly smaller, but no less beautiful

A look into the past

Holiday in Bonaire

Bonaire has two official languages: Papiamento and Dutch, but English is also widely spoken here. But the biggest reasons to rent a holiday home on Bonaire in a resort are the friendly people, the beautiful weather and the stunning nature. In addition, this island also has interesting sights, delicious cuisine and fantastic holiday homes. Have you ever wanted to travel to Bonaire for a holiday in a tropical resort? Then it's time to learn your first words in Papiamento: Bon Bini. This means “welcome”, and that's exactly the feeling that Bonaire gives you!

Go and rent a holiday home in Bonaire and experience a holiday full of sights

Nature lovers are in the right place during a holiday in 2019 in a resort on Bonaire. Apart from having one beautiful Caribbean beach after another, the island has a few other natural highlights that you shouldn't miss. For example, off the coast of the capital Kralendijk there is another Bonaire, but of a smaller size. This uninhabited island is called Klein Bonaire and is part of the Bonaire National Marine Park. It is especially well-loved for its underwater world. Many seahorses and turtles live in the sea around Klein Bonaire. If you have a holiday home in a resort on Bonaire, then in most cases you can make use of organised diving and snorkelling tours to Klein Bonaire. Another interesting nature reserve is Washington Slagbaai National Park on Bonaire. All kinds of different Caribbean flora and fauna live on 5643 hectares here. Discover iguanas, cacti or beautiful flamingos on Bonaire. During your holiday you can travel through this natural park on Bonaire in different ways, via routes for hikers, mountain bikers and motorists. For those interested in the history of Bonaire, there is a special museum in Kralendijk. This Bonaire Museum shows how life used to be on Bonaire based on antique utensils. You can admire numerous photos and paintings here. Are you still in Kralendijk? Then spend some time in the city centre. With its cheerful pastel-coloured houses, the capital of Bonaire is sure to put you in a sunny mood. The name Kralendijk comes from the coral reef that lies off the coast. The locals also call the place Playa, which is Papiamento for beach. So if you still want to relax on a real Caribbean beach after a day of sightseeing, then at least it's nearby! And otherwise, your holiday villa awaits you in a beautiful resort on Bonaire.

Parties and sports: book your holiday home on Bonaire during a big event

Do you like a party? Then go and rent a holiday home on Bonaire in a resort at the right time. Just like Curaçao and Aruba, people on Bonaire like to celebrate carnival. There are several parades, the largest of which takes place in Kralendijk. Are you planning to travel to Bonaire during the carnival in 2020? Then get ready for a holiday where you dance a lot, because instead of the brass band music of European carnival, you'll hear the rousing sounds of salsa on Bonaire. Fortunately, you can fully relax in the holiday villa at the resort on Bonaire. Furthermore, Bonaire has some major sporting events, such as the busy Bonaire International Sailing Regatta. If you want to be there, make sure you book a holiday home or apartment on Bonaire in good time. Another must for sports enthusiasts is the Bonaire Dive Week. During this diving festival, the island is fully dedicated to the sport of diving. And that's accompanied by lots of entertainment.

Bonaire: the island for an active holiday

During a holiday in a resort on Bonaire in 2019, the beach can never be far away. At 294 km², this Caribbean island is slightly smaller than the Isle of Wight. In addition, Bonaire has a wide variety of beaches, where both peace seekers and hip and trendy holidaymakers can find their place by the sea. On Bonaire you also have a choice of pebbles or sand, and of a calm or rough sea. A holiday in a resort on Bonaire is therefore suitable for a family with children as well as a group of friends who want to go out and surf. Sorobon Beach is the right beach for the latter. Snorkellers and divers love going to Bachelors Beach or the No Name Beach on Klein Bonaire. The Caribbean island is also ideal for taking beautiful pictures. So be sure to bring your camera during your holiday to Bonaire and capture the colourful houses of Kralendijk or a beautiful pink flamingo!

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