Enjoy a car holiday

Whether you opt for a holiday in Southern Europe or close to home, a car holiday is always a good choice. During the drive you can play games with each other, stop on the way in beautiful places or have a nice picnic. But a car can also come in handy at the destination. You can easily plan trips without having to take public transport or a taxi. Find your ideal car holiday here.

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Enjoy the benefits of a car holiday

Are you unsure whether to go on a holiday by car or plane this year? Discover the advantages of a car holiday. Along the way you will often come across beautiful places and the anticipation can already begin!

Are you afraid of flying and don't want to wait long at the airports? Then a car holiday is ideal for you. A big advantage is that you don't have to drive the entire route at once, as there are plenty of places on the way where you can spend the night. You can always deviate from the planned route, so you can discover even more beautiful places. Especially when you go on holiday to southern Europe, there are many beautiful routes to find with breathtaking views! And what could be more fun than looking for a beautiful place where you can relax together?

A car holiday is highly recommended, even if you go on holiday with children! They can bring as many games as they want. You can always take a break at any time, so the children can stretch their legs. But a car holiday also has many advantages for you. You can bring as much luggage as you like! So those two beautiful shirts or those fine slippers can still go on holiday! You don't have to make sure you always leave on time, because you can decide when you want to leave.

Of course, a car also has a number of advantages at the destination. If you want to explore the area, you don't have to worry about the times or costs of public transport or a taxi. Despite the fact that it generally takes you a little longer to get there by car, you will experience an enormous amount of freedom, both on the road and at your destination!

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Opt for a car holiday to Southern Europe

Have you booked a beautiful holiday home in Italy or France, for example, but you don't know how to get to your destination yet? Then consider taking the car on holiday. Isn't it fantastic to see beautiful parts of the area along the way?

You can already see it in front of you: in the morning you get in the car, after a few hours you go for a picnic and in the evening you spend the night in, for example, a lovely little hotel. This plan sounds ideal, doesn't it? During your car holiday you can make your own plan and decide when you want to take a rest break.On the way, you can often enjoy the wonderful temperatures of southern Europe and the beautiful surroundings. Especially if you head to southern Europe, there are often beautiful routes which lead you to the most beautiful places in the area. And even if you say so yourself: then it's not a problem to have to make a detour and to be on the road a little longer, is it?

It is not only on the road that you can enjoy the southern European environment. It is also very useful to have your own car nearby if you want to plan a trip. For example, if you choose a holiday home on the Costa Brava, there are plenty of cities and places of interest you should have seen. For example, drive from your holiday home in Blanes to the always great Barcelona or choose to take the car along the coast and stop at the most beautiful bays. With a car in southern Europe you can go all the way!

Experience a car holiday close by

Have you chosen a holiday home in, for example, Belgium, the Netherlands or Germany? Then, of course, you almost always go on holiday by car. And how ideal is it that you can go in all directions from your holiday home!

Are you going for a weekend break in the Ardennes? Then take your children, friends or family on a lovely trip. The Ardennes are beautiful and have many beautiful sights, nice villages and fantastic activities. If you go on holiday by car, you can plan what time and where you would like to go that day. But even if you are staying in the Netherlands, a car can always come in handy. Would you like to spend a day shopping from your holiday home on the North Holland coast, for example in Amsterdam or Alkmaar? Then you can easily drive there by car. Wherever you go on holiday, a car holiday is always a good choice!

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