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A car holiday to Italy

Ciao bella, are you considering a car holiday to Italy? We know why, because Italy is synonymous with enjoyment. La Dolce Vita! And many people think the same because it is a very popular holiday destination. For everyone, too, because whatever you are looking for, Italy can offer it. You can opt for a car holiday to northern Italy, where you can climb mountains and cycle, or head to the Adriatic coast where you can enjoy sun, sea and beach!

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A beautiful drive to Italy

Many people opt for a car holiday to Tuscany, the heart of Italy known for its beautiful rolling hills and authentic dishes such as Bistecca alle Fiorentina and Panzanella. Sounds delicious, doesn't it? And with all this good food you can drink a delicious Chianti.

A small warning though, ordering a cappuccino after dinner is not the done thing here. Italians themselves go for a caffé espresso. Another great idea, if you are still on holiday by car, is to go looking for agriturismos. These are farms where the most delicious dishes are lovingly conjured up on the table. If you are on a car holiday in Italy, you can also visit the various historic towns in Tuscany. A kind of road trip along picturesque villages like San Gimignano, Lucca and Montepulciano. Of course, do not miss out on the must-sees of Florence and Pisa. It is worth staying a bit longer in Florance. During the day it can be very hot and you can have a lovely tukkie after lunch. Just in the park, in the shade, and enjoy a meal. Lunches are quite extensive in Italy.

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Explore Italy on a car holiday

From the Netherlands, Italy is easily reached by car. Lake Garda is just 1200 kilometres from Utrecht. Just do it at your leisure. Lots of breaks and overnight stays on the way. This way you will arrive at your holiday home completely fresh and fruity.

If you don't want to go on a long car journey, you can also fly. Rome, Pisa and Bologna are destinations you can fly to at a good price with one of the budget airlines. You can then rent a car there and start your car holiday in Italy. And why not book more than one holiday home? Then you can enjoy all the beautiful things Italy has to offer. The beautiful beaches, rolling hills, authentic villages and beautiful lakes make for an unforgettable holiday!


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Something else: Sardinia

What a beautiful island this is! On some beaches you will even feel as if you are in a Caribbean region. Pure white beaches and clear blue water. Is this possible in Europe? Yes, of course it is! You can also explore this Italian island by car.

For a car holiday to Sardinia you will also need to arrange a ferry crossing. You can choose between different departure points and arrival points. The crossing alone is an event. You will cover no less than 200 kilometres while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. Lovely on deck, in the sun, the holiday has really started. And all this while your car is safely in the hold. The island of Sardinia is almost as big as the Netherlands, so perfect for a car holiday. Discover the historic cities, the harbours, the beautiful beaches and the lovely bays. Temperatures can be quite high here, but because of the location there is always a nice cooling breeze. A car holiday to Sardinia is definitely worth a try, you won't regret it!

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