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Last minute car holiday

A last minute car holiday is always a good choice. You can decide until the last moment which route you want to take and how much luggage you want to take with you. Discover, for example, Spain or France by car or opt for a car holiday close to home. Germany and Belgium are also highly recommended. A big advantage is that you can discover all the beautiful places of these countries by car!

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The advantages of a last minute car holiday

A last minute car holiday is highly recommended. A big advantage is that you can decide for yourself when you want to leave home, what time you want to be at your destination, and how much luggage you want to take with you.

Although some destinations take longer to reach by car than by plane, a last minute car holiday has many advantages. Sometimes the journey there can already be a sight in itself. If you are driving to Italy, for example, there are several routes through the mountains to find with beautiful viewpoints. On the way to the countries you cross, you can always make a stop to take pictures of a beautiful lake or a beautiful view. A last minute car holiday with children is also very nice. The children can bring various games with them on the way, and they can also stretch their legs after a few hours.

But it's not just on the road that a car holiday has its advantages. Once you've arrived at your destination and need to get some groceries for your holiday home, you can simply drive to the nearest store to get something quickly. Or if you would like to explore the surroundings of the holiday home, you can easily get in the car and drive a few hours, enjoying the most beautiful spots in the region. With a car holiday, you are sure to have a fantastic time!

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Last minute car holiday close to home

Don't want to spend too much time on the road when you go on holiday last minute? Then opt for a holiday home close to home.Both in Germany and in Belgium there are fantastic places to be found where it is good to stay. Discover it for yourself during a last minute car holiday.

Have you opted for a holiday home in Germany last minute? Explore the most beautiful places by car or go on beautiful walking and cycling trips through nature. Germany is mainly known for its beautiful nature reserves, but this is really not the only reason why you should opt for a last minute holiday in Germany. This country also has beautiful villages and special wine regions. The route to these places is often a special experience in itself. For example, you will come across clear blue lakes, special mountains or beautiful castles. A big advantage is that you can choose whether you want to take a break along the way to enjoy the beautiful view. But this holiday country is not only suitable for a summer or spring holiday, because even in winter the possibilities here are almost endless. As Winterberg or Willigen are a short distance from the Netherlands, you can wait until the last moment for the weather forecast and drive there quickly if you have decided to book a holiday home.

But even if you have booked a holiday home in Belgium, a car holiday is ideal. Most Belgian holiday spots are a short distance from the Netherlands, so you can reach your holiday home in no time! For example, enjoy a last minute car holiday on the Belgian coast or drive along the most beautiful routes through the Ardennes. During a car holiday the possibilities are almost endless. You can also choose to combine a day at the beach with a day in Bruges or Antwerp. With a car you have all the freedom to go out and explore the area!

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Last minute car holiday southern Europe

Do you prefer the sun or do you like to lie on the beach? Then a last minute car holiday to southern Europe is ideal! As it is a long drive to the holiday addresses in southern Europe, there are several places where you can choose to spend the night. This way you will be able to drive the next day to your final destination in a fresh and fit way. With a last minute car holiday you can determine your own route and time schedule.

Have you booked your holiday home in Spain, for instance, but you are not yet sure whether you want to go on holiday by car or by plane? Discover the advantages of a last minute car holiday! Spain is a beautiful destination, where it is certainly worthwhile to also explore the surroundings. If you have booked a holiday home on the Costa Brava, it is highly recommended to opt for a car holiday. If you are staying in Blanes or Playa D'aro, you can choose to drive all the way along the coast to see even more beautiful places. But you can also drive from the Costa Brava to Barcelona, so you can have a great day of shopping! Yet a car holiday is not only recommended for a holiday on the Costa Brava. The regions of Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol also have beautiful villages and cities that you definitely need to see!

Of course, it is not only Spain that is an ideal destination to go to by car. How about a last minute car holiday to Italy or France? Both countries have beautiful places, which you can easily explore by car!


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