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Discover Spain by car

Spain is a wonderful holiday destination for young and old and in both summer and winter it is great to stay here. For example, enjoy a car holiday to the Costa Brava or admire the beautiful towns and villages of the Costa Blanca. During your holiday you can enjoy real tapas at a local bar, a walk on the beach or a refreshing dip in the clear blue water. There is nothing missing on a car holiday to Spain!

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Car holiday to the Costa Brava

A car holiday to the Costa Brava is highly recommended if you would like to go on holiday to Spain. There is plenty to do here for families with children, couples and the elderly. Enjoy a long walk along the beach, discover the hinterland or taste the most delicious dishes from the local cuisine!

The Costa Brava has been a popular holiday destination for many years and that is of course no coincidence. In the summer, temperatures can be as high as 30 degrees. This region also has wide sandy beaches, as well as lovely bays and beautiful cities and villages. Discover, for example, the busy Blanes or the slightly quieter Platja D'aro. Both destinations are ideal for families with children or couples. In Blanes, for example, you can spend a day at the beach or visit the special fortress or the great harbour. And if you choose to take your children on a car holiday to the Costa Brava, a trip to the large water park in Lloret is not to be missed. Even if you want to enjoy a day of culture, there are plenty of possibilities here. From Blanes, you can reach Barcelona within an hour. Take a picture at the popular Sagrada Familia, explore the great Park Güell or sit down on a terrace by the beach. With a car holiday to Spain, there is really something for everyone!

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Stay at the Costa Blanca

Despite the fact that the Costa Blanca is a very popular holiday destination among both locals and foreigners, there are plenty of places here where you can look for peace and quiet. It is also a great place to be in the summer as well as in the winter!

During your car holiday to the Costa Blanca, there is plenty to do. Especially beach lovers will enjoy the wide sandy beaches as well as the hidden bays. In the evening, it is lovely to stroll along the promenade or the beach. Of course, if you are staying on the Costa Blanca with your holiday home, you should not miss a trip to Valencia, which is always a pleasant place to be. In this city, you will never get bored! If you want to leave the coast behind you for a while, then head inland. You will find huge mountains, green hills and beautiful vineyards! A visit to the villages and picturesque towns is highly recommended! Besides the fact that you can enjoy the beach life and nature here, there is also a lot to discover in the culinary field. For the real tapas and sangria, you should definitely visit a small village and leave the big cities behind you for a while. Only then will you know why the Spanish are so fond of good food! From large paella trays to small dishes, you are sure to lick your lips with every dish!

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Car holidays South of Spain

Maybe a car holiday to southern Spain is not the first thing that comes to mind, but despite the distance, it is definitely recommended to visit the beautiful Andalusia by car. On the way you can of course spend the night, so you can get back into the car full of energy the next day.

Andalusia is a versatile region in the south of Spain. If you want to enjoy the real flamenco, pay a visit to authentic Seville. As you get lost in narrow streets, you can hear live flamenco music from far away. If you look inside a bar, you may well see a real flamenco dancer dancing. In this city, you can also enjoy delicious tapas, special buildings and beautiful squares! Would you prefer to visit the coast to relax completely? Then choose a car holiday to Malaga or Nerja. Besides the fact that you can relax on the beaches, you can also enjoy cosy squares, beautiful buildings and special views! Of course, a visit to the very famous Granada is not to be missed either. Discover the special Alhambra, the Moorish neighbourhoods and the great bars. In Andalusia there is nothing missing! If this is too far away for you, you can of course always take the plane to Andalusia and discover this beautiful region with a rental car.

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