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A European child-friendly destination

Visit the Belvilla website and request our newsletter to receive regular interesting information about child-friendly destinations in Europe. To go on winter sports with the kids and others, or to enjoy a sun-drenched holiday. We have holiday homes in the Netherlands and Belgium for a family holiday close to home, as well as holiday homes in most European countries. 


Child-friendly destinations in Europe for a holiday with the children

Among the most popular, child-friendly destinations are our neighbouring countries, France, Luxembourg and Germany. We have beautiful holiday homes in the south of France, where you can go with the whole family. Other countries in northern Europe also make the list, such as Sweden and Denmark. There are also destinations in central Europe where you can enjoy winter sports with the whole family, such as Switzerland, Austria and Croatia.

Holiday destinations in southern Europe, such as Greece, Portugal, Italy and Spain are also very popular with the kids. View and compare our accommodations, equipped with every conceivable luxury and comfort, at exceptionally low prices. See our last minute page for 2019 and 2020. Be tempted by our child-friendly offers and book your family holiday with the kids.

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A child-friendly holiday in northern Europe

The holiday homes in Denmark are equipped with every conceivable luxury and comfort, and will give you and the kids a good feeling from the off. For children especially, it's important to still have that home sweet home feeling when travelling across Europe. Otherwise, you won't be able to enjoy your free time.

Denmark is a child-friendly destination. How could it be otherwise? With so many parks and cities where young and old alike (babies, toddlers, teenagers and their parents) can enjoy themselves to the fullest. Visit the castles on Funen. Tame the dragon. Enter the world of Legoland, feel like a real Viking in Djurs in the east of Jutland, eat meatballs and smorrebrod and head to your holiday home, tired yet satisfied, to enjoy the cosy fireplace and spacious holiday accommodation during your holiday with the children in the evenings. Sweden with its many campsites, holiday homes and parks is also ideal for a holiday with children. The bridge between Denmark and Sweden makes the country easily accessible from the Netherlands. Meet Pippi Longstocking, immerse yourself in the fairytale world of Junibacken in Stockholm, spend a day at Liseborg, or enjoy winter sports in the north during your holiday with your children.

Holidays with children in Central Europe

Winter sports with the kids are possible in many European countries. The Alps in France, Switzerland, Austria or northern Italy are popular family destination choices. Especially when you've been on winter sports several times and you're all seasoned skiers.

In addition to France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy, you can also go to the lesser-known Czech Republic to go on a winter sports holiday with the children. There the mountains are less high and the descents less steep. Ideal for small children learning to ski, and for giving the little ones a go on the toboggan. Teenagers can have fun on the higher slopes and after their fun on the skis can enjoy some après-ski, most likely without their parents in tow. You can also enjoy winter sports in Croatia. Croatia has many other things going for it besides winter sports. Towards the coast, the Mediterranean climate prevails and temperatures soar. Even in winter it stays warm there. Perfect in case you want to enjoy a last minute by the sea together with the kids and are looking for child-friendly accommodations in the immediate vicinity of the beach. Contact Belvilla to discuss the possibilities in Croatia, or to check out our information and tips on our website and in our newsletter.

Destinations for holidays with kids in the south

On our last minute page you will find information and tips on how to travel through Europe with your children and have fun, as well as where to find child-friendly destinations abroad. Belvilla also has beautiful holiday homes in the south. Like a home in a park in Greece, holiday homes with pools in Portugal and Spain or a chalet in Italy.

At the moment the best holiday home prices are to be found in Greece. There you can go on cultural excursions with the family or others to the Acropolis, Stoa, or alternate the theatre of Epidaurus with fun activities with the kids by the pool or on the beach. Greece is a popular destination in the Netherlands and Belgium with families with children. Take a look at our extensive portfolio of holiday homes and accommodations on the Belvilla website, or sign up to receive our newsletter with information and tips for holidays with children abroad. You can also contact our customer service department. You can find our number on the website.

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