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Dog-friendly holiday homes

Is your four-legged friend looking at you while you are reading this text? Of course, they want nothing more than to go on holiday with you. The good news is: a holiday home with a dog is easy to organise! Pets are welcome in many holiday homes and holiday parks. And what could be more fun than taking your dog on a holiday with you? Make sure you are well-prepared before you go to your holiday home with your dog! Check the travelling with dog regulations within Europe - these differ per country - and make sure you are aware of European agreements on dog passports and vaccinations.

Also check the facilities in your holiday home: is there a garden and does it have a fence? Do you have an older dog? Check the number of stairs in the house. Fancy long walks in the great outdoors? In Belgium, Germany and France there are beautiful regions that are perfect for renting accommodation with a dog. Do you know where you're going already?


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Holiday park or bungalow

There are several accommodations where you can go with your pet. Will you choose a bungalow with a dog? Or rather a holiday park with your pet? Whatever you go for, please check the facilities of your holiday home, such as the garden, the stairs and immediate surroundings. For long walks in the great outdoors, you would prefer to be in a wooded area or by the sea?

A holiday home with a pet is easily found: the range of dog-friendly holiday homes is extensive. Please check if you are allowed to bring 1, 2 or more dogs because this differs per holiday home.

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Accommodations with a fenced garden
Zeeland or the Ardennes

For a midweek break with a dog you will find many possibilities in our own country and in our neighbouring countries (Belgium and Germany). Outside the Randstad you will find extensive hiking areas for days outdoors with your four-legged friend. Belgium is also very suitable for a weekend break with a dog: that holiday feeling is less than two hours away!

Are you thinking of a last minute in the Netherlands with a dog? Our country has beautiful regions with vast areas ideal for hiking. How about a midweek break in Zeeland with a dog? Chances are that the sun is shining, because Zeeland is our region with the most hours of sunshine. Beach lovers who want nothing more than to get away with a dog by the sea can of course also travel in the opposite direction and choose to get a breath of fresh air on the beaches of Texel, Terschelling or Ameland. Fresh air guaranteed!

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Accommodations in the Netherlands
Dog strapped in

A holiday with a dog does require a little preparation. In Europe, agreements are in place regarding pet passports and vaccinations. The regulations vary per country when travelling with dogs. In some countries, for example, in the car your dog will have to sit behind a guard or be in a crate. We'll set out the rules for you. So, you're going on holiday with the dog. But can you take your dog to another country just like that? In European countries dogs and cats must be in possession of an animal passport and be chipped. Does your pet have an identification tattoo? This is only valid if it was done before 2 July 2011. In addition, your dog or cat should be vaccinated against rabies. The rules for other animals are less strict: for rabbits, small rodents, birds and fish, a health certificate issued by your vet is usually enough. 

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Accommodations for you and your pet
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