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Would you like to book early this year for the summer holidays?

There is no better time to book a wonderful summer holiday than in winter. While it's cold outside, at home you can already look for fascinating destinations, beautiful holiday homes and breathtaking views. Are you looking for a relaxing holiday with lots of privacy? Will you opt for a luxury holiday home with a private swimming pool? Or would you prefer a great holiday full of exciting activities? Make your dream holiday a reality, and book a holiday home with Belvilla now.

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Southern Europe early booking

Do you want to be sure of the sun during your holiday? Then the best choice for a holiday is often the south of Europe. Relaxing on the beautiful beaches, watching the beautiful nature or breathing in the culture, there is something for everyone in southern Europe. Will you go for Italy, France or Spain?

Or would you prefer a country full of sun, sea and beach? We are thinking of southern Europe. Do you know where you want to stay yet? Maybe Spain or France? You can taste the delicious local food or watch the most beautiful sunsets on the beach. You can also enjoy the high temperatures in Italy holiday homes. There are thousands of reasons why you should go on holiday to one of the southern European countries. Convinced? Book a holiday home in a southern European country now for summer 2022.

Holiday homes in southern Europe
Netherlands early booking

For a fantastic summer holiday you don't have to go far at all. There is plenty to do in the Netherlands. Choose a holiday home on the Dutch coast, explore the Wadden Islands or experience nature on the Veluwe.

A holiday on the Dutch coast is a unique experience. You can relax on the beach and swim in the sea. You can also go for a walk through the beautiful dunes, have a drink or a bite to eat at a beach bar or go shopping at the boulevards. Whether you choose Zandvoort, Bergen aan Zee or a beautiful city in Zeeland, a wonderful holiday is guaranteed. There is also plenty to do on the Wadden Islands. You can enjoy a day at the beach, but you will also find walking and cycling routes, museums or various sporting activities.  

Holiday homes in the Netherlands
Book early or last minute?

Are you going to book your 2022 summer holiday early or are you opting for a last minute holiday? The most important reason for people to book sooner or later is the advantage it gives them. Are you an adventurer and do you like to do spontaneous things? Then a last minute holiday is highly recommended. Do you prefer a specific place? Then we recommend you book early.

Are you going to book early? Then you can enjoy the anticipation that a holiday brings for a longer time. You will have plenty of time to fantasize about special destinations that you will discover. It is also unlikely that you will suffer from holiday stress: you will have plenty of time to get everything in order. Would you like to be sure that your favourite accommodation will be available again this year? Book early! Then you can be sure that your next holiday will be a success.

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How can i rent a holiday home with a discount?

Yes you can get a discount by registering for the newsletter you can get a € 50,- discount.

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