While on holiday on the beautiful island of Elba in 2019, you will enjoy peace, nature and culture. From a comfortable apartment with a stunning view of the sea to a luxury villa with swimming pool more inland. Belvilla has a wide range of holiday homes on Elba. Have you already decided to choose a holiday on Elba this year?

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The holiday homes on the island of Elba are part of the region of Tuscany, Italy. Together with 6 other islands, Elba is part of the Tuscany Archipelago. Fine weather, beautiful beaches and stunning surroundings. The Italian island of Elba, located just off the coast of Tuscany, will give you a wonderful sunny holiday with white sandy beaches and a clear blue sea. Just an hour's drive from the coast of Tuscany, and you are on Elba. You can combine your beach holiday on Elba with a cultural break in Tuscany or any other region of Italy. Plan your own perfect holiday in Italy.

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A holiday on this beautiful island is all about peace, nature and culture. Belvilla has a wide range of holiday homes on Elba. From a comfortable apartment with a stunning view of the sea to a luxury villa with swimming pool more inland. Enjoy your own holiday home with pool, or book conveniently located beachfront accommodation. Relaxation, entertainment and adventure each in turn while on holiday on Elba.

Go back in time on Elba

While on holiday on Elba in 2019 you will often hear the name Napoleon Bonaparte. This French general was based here once, together with an army of 600 men. Much of the sightseeing on Elba is connected to Napoleon. Visit, for example, Napoleon's former residence: the Palazzo Mulini. Here you can still see items from that era.

You can easily get to the capital, Portoferraio, from your holiday home, where you can find the beautiful church of Santissima Misericorde. This church is clad in marble. In Piazza della Repubblica you can enjoy typical Italian food and drink. Rio Marino, Porto Longone and Pietro are also worth a visit. There is more than enough to explore from your holiday home on Elba.

Explore nature and culture while on holiday on Elba

There is much more to explore on the island than you think. Beautiful nature reserves, several museums and enchanting paths through the mountains. A holiday on Elba in 2019 is perfect for an all-round experience. Start the day snorkelling and explore beneath the waves. Afterwards, you could go for a walk through the woods, where you get stunning views at various points. In the evening, you can watch the sun go down from the beach, or pool, accompanied by a cocktail.

The Italian island of Elba has much to offer, especially for nature lovers. From your holiday home on Elba, you can do all kinds of watersports, but also go hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, surfing or hang gliding. You can go diving and snorkelling off the coast around the island. There's plenty of exploring to do beneath the waves.

A holiday on Elba is full of traditional events such as wine festivals. The delicious food on the island is very typical. Sample typical fish soup, black rice, grilled squid or delicious pasta with fish. Let yourself be pampered and enjoy it all from your self-catering accommodation on Elba.

Enjoy the view of the Monte Capanne

The island has a mountainous landscape. The most famous and tallest mountain is the Monte Capanne. In summer, the summit is reached by cable car, which takes about 15 minutes. It is no standard cable car, because you travel with two other people in a kind of iron cage. You can also go for a brisk walk taking about nine hours. Enjoy the varied nature while walking. From the top of the Monte Capanne you get a breathtaking view over the island. You can also see as far as the Italian mainland, and the islands of Capraia, Pianosa, Gigilo, Motecristo and even Corsica.

Sun, sea and sand while on holiday

Elba is an island with beautiful beaches. There are not many sandy beaches on the west and east coasts. However, these coastal areas are very attractive to divers. The island's north and south coasts do have sandy beaches. According to the locals, Innamorata is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Innamorata is also called the 'beach of love' because of the beautiful sunset. Another beach which is very popular is Fetovaia, a beautiful white sandy beach.

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Holiday in Elba - FAQs
What are the most important places to visit in Elba?

The most important places to visit in Elba are Monte Capanne, Beach Of Calanova, Spiaggia di Marina di Campo, Spiaggia di Ortano, and Sant’Andrea Beach.

Any activities that I must include during my stay in Elba?

Some of the must-do activities in Elba are:

  • Exploring the wreck at Pomonte Beach
  • Paddle Boating at Fetovaia
  • Visiting the Fortress Of Volterraio
  • Hiking to Mount Capanne 
  • Going to the Elba Aquarium and Wildlife Museum 


If I’m coming from the UK, what are my options?

Travelers from the UK can reach Elba by connecting air, train and bus route. 

What are the recommended dishes in Elba?

Some of the recommended dishes in Elba are Stoccafisso Alla Riese, Frangette, Imbollite, Sburrita, Sportella and Gargaglione.

When is the ideal time to visit Elba?

The months from April to November are the best to visit Elba.


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