The Frisian Islands are beautiful. Whether you are looking for an active holiday, relaxing on the beach or just want to enjoy nature, there is something for everyone. The Frisian Islands are special to visit in all seasons. We have a wide range of holiday homes and villas on the Frisian Islands. Do you already know if you will choose a holiday on one of the Frisian Islands this year?

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Frisian Islands

Frisian Islands: a special part of the Netherlands for a pleasant holiday

With a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List, we in the Netherlands can rightly be proud of the Wadden Sea. This unique piece of nature reserve in the world also offers fantastic holiday opportunities on Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland and Schiermonnikoog. 5 islands, so 5 times as much to discover! Each island has its own character, but all have beautiful beaches. The smallest island of Schiermonnikoog has the widest beach in Europe. Sea lovers like to take a breath of fresh air on the Frisian Islands. Those seeking rest, like to travel to the nearly car-free Vlieland or Schiermonnikoog. Terschelling is also a popular island for nature lovers. Ameland and Texel with their summery nightlife attract visitors who like sun, sea and fun.

Whether you want to recover from the hustle and bustle, or just love the atmosphere. A holiday home on one of the Frisian Islands is perfect for every type of holiday. The Frisian Islands are nice to visit in every season. Cycle through the beautifully coloured forests in autumn, walk through the snowy dunes in winter, see nature blossom and the lambs frolic in spring and swim in the sea in summer. This can all be done from your holiday home on the Wadden Sea.

Beach, nature and sights from your holiday home

You can relax during your stay in a holiday home on the Frisian Islands. Would you rather explore? Even then, the Frisian Islands are the perfect destination for you. You will find a bright red lighthouse on the largest island, Texel. With a height of 35 metres, it can be seen from afar. With clear weather, it is even possible to spot Terschelling! Another beautiful lighthouse can be found on Terschelling. This lighthouse is more than 400 years old, making it the oldest lighthouse in the Netherlands.

There is also much to admire when it comes to nature. If you want to see seals up close and discover all kinds of things about nature on the Frisian Islands, you should definitely go to Ecomare on Texel. Take a beautiful walk in the dunes behind the museum. Do you prefer to spot seals in the wild? Then take a special boat trip from your holiday home to the sandbanks where the seals are often lazing around.

History enthusiasts can enjoy themselves on Ameland. There are several museums such as the cultural-historical museum Sorgdrager with special antique Amelander furniture. Or visit the Agricultural Hunting Museum and discover how people used to live there. All these activities are easily accessible from your holiday home on one of the beautiful Frisian Islands.

Visit one of the events during a weekend away on the Frisian Islands

The Frisian Islands are a popular destination where all kinds of events are organised every year. Would you like to experience that? Then be sure to book your holiday home on time. The events are often visited en masse. For example, there is the Oerol Festival on Terschelling. During this festival, Terschelling is completely dedicated to theatre, music, dance and various performances are given all over the island.

The National Lifeboat Day is a completely different type of event. This event takes place on all the islands. It is then very busy, especially on Ameland. During this event, you can get acquainted with the work of the rescue team.

A holiday home on the Frisian Islands for an active holiday

A holiday on the Wadden Sea also offers various opportunities for sports. Something you really need to do on the Wadden Sea is mudflat walking. It is very good for the leg muscles and if you do it under the guidance of a guide, you will learn a lot about the nature of the Wadden Sea. All the islands also offer good options for walking, cycling, horseback riding, water sports and golf. So you don't have to be bored. All you have to do is choose a holiday home on the island that suits you best. Will that be the big, spacious Texel with its many sheep? The pure quiet Vlieland? The cosy Terschelling with its popular Oerol-festival? Ameland with its good facilities for water sports enthusiasts? Or will it be Schiermonnikoog, a large national park? On every island, there is plenty to offer.

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