Santiago de Compostela, the many islands, La Coruña and an Atlantic landscape. You'll be hardly able to take it all in while on holiday in Galicia. The coast of this remote region consists of many islands, coves and beautiful white sandy beaches, but also rugged rocky coasts. The holiday homes in the interior of Galicia are surrounded by oak, pine and eucalyptus forests, rolling countryside and many nature reserves.

Holidays in the enchanting landscape of Galicia

A holiday home in Galicia is situated in the middle of the region's varied landscapes. The rolling mountains, deep valleys, thousands of rivers, vast green meadows and various forests characterise this north-western part of Spain. The diversity of the landscape is like a work of art and attracts various bird and animal species. The islands off the coast together form a national park. The Macizo Galaíco is located in the heart of Galicia and consists of mountains where beautiful glacial lakes are to be found.

Anyone used to the Spanish costas will find themselves in a new world while on holiday in Galicia. The 1,300 km long coastline consists of wide coves and rocky coasts. There are no fewer than 700 beaches in this region! Beach lovers can enjoy silver and golden beaches. Visit the coasts of Cedeira, Ortiguieira, Barquiero, Viveiro or Ribadeo, for instance. The Costa de Morte is particularly special, a marvellous unspoilt coastline with beautiful beaches. The tall waves make Galicia a real paradise for (wind)surfers. As well as the beach facilities on the mainland, there are also many small islands off the coast of Galicia. Visit Cíes, Ons or Sálvora, and enjoy the sun, sea, beach and natural beauty. Explore the most beautiful places for yourself from your holiday home in Galicia by the sea!

Culture while on holiday in Galicia

From your holiday home in Galicia, head on out to soak up the region's culture! Thanks to its rich history, Galicia has impressive cities with unique buildings which remain largely intact. The highlight of this area is, of course, the capital: Santiago de Compostela. This pilgrimage destination has numerous historic alleys, squares and buildings, with the magnificent cathedral and Praza de Obradeiro as highlights. La Coruña, located in the far north-west of Spain, is the largest city in Galicia. This is a beautiful old town, full of sights left over from its maritime history. One lovely view is the old centre of the city of Orense, which used to be a Roman seaside resort. Other cities worth visiting are Pontevedra, with an old centre full of historic streets and churches, and Betanzos, with three Gothic churches. From your holiday home in Galicia, be sure to visit the many picturesque villages along the coast!

Ideas for your holiday in Galicia

You shouldn't get bored for a moment while on holiday in Galicia! In addition to the impressive large cities and coastal region, there are plenty of other sights you should definitely see. The Aquarium Finisterrae is a great outing for the whole family. It depicts the marine life and ecosystem of the Atlantic Ocean. Some aquarium tanks are connected directly to the sea. The 1900-year-old Torre de Hércules stands in La Coruña. This is the oldest working lighthouse, with Celtic-Roman influences. The city of Lugo, in the east of Galicia, is surrounded by a Roman wall which is still completely intact. A beautiful sight, and on the UNESCO World Heritage List with good reason. Choose a holiday home or villa from our range of holiday homes in Galicia, and visit all the beautiful places in the region!

The best way to discover Galicia's impressive surroundings is to go on a lovely walk from your holiday home. An extensive network of footpaths will take you past various vantage points. The region is also very well suited to be explored by bike. The many cycling routes pass through beautiful natural landscapes and cultural sights. We recommend a bike ride over the Roman bridge of Orense, and along the southern bank of the Miño River. There is plenty to do while on holiday in Galicia!

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Holiday in Galicia - FAQs
How many Belvilla houses can I choose from in Galicia?

There are 20+ Belvilla houses in Galicia.

What are the most important places to visit in Galicia?

The most important places to visit in Galicia are Santiago de Compostela, A Coruna, Vigo, Cies Islands, Cathedral de Santiago, and Fisterra.

Any activities that I must include during my stay in Galicia?

Some of the must-do activities in Galicia are-

  • Horse riding
  • Exploring the Biking trails
  • Going for a boat ride
  • River rafting
  • Visiting the beach
What are the recommended dishes in Galicia?

Some of the recommended dishes in Galicia are Padron Peppers, Empanada, Squids, Caldo Gallego and Octopus.

When is the ideal time to visit Galicia?

The months from June to mid-August is the best time to visit Galicia.

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