From a holiday home in Great Britain, you can enjoy all the beauty that Great Britain has to offer. A holiday in Great Britain is characterised by beautiful nature, charming villages and impressive cities. Great Britain consists of England, Wales and Scotland. Do you already know if you'd like to take a holiday to Great Britain this year?

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Beautiful Great Britain enchants its visitors with a wide variety of landscapes combined with a rich cultural and historical heritage. In addition, it also offers friendly people and bustling cities. The metropolis of London is the perfect city for a city break. Britain's beautiful landscapes and monuments have regularly served as the backdrop for various films and have been a source of inspiration for many writers, poets and painters. Get inspired from your holiday home in Southern England. Are you not quite sure if Britain has something for you? There are plenty of benefits to a holiday to Britain.

Holiday homes, country houses and cottages in Great Britain

Within our selection, you will find not only romantic cottages and restored farmhouses, but also 17th century country houses and castles. Or how about an overnight stay in a typical oast house (formerly for drying hops), a former barn, granary or mill? Some holiday homes offer a beautiful view over magnificent landscapes. There is always an outing to go on in the immediate vicinity or a beautiful walk or bike ride to enjoy. Choose a holiday home in (Southern) England, Wales or Scotland and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Active enjoyment from your holiday home

You can enjoy a variety of landscapes from your holiday home in Great Britain. Did you know that 49 areas have been designated as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty? These are areas that are especially beautiful and receive special protection. There are also 14 national parks and 40 National Scenic Areas, not to mention the World Heritage Sites. For example, you can visit the famous white chalk cliffs in Dover, Kent. As you drive through the landscape, a romantic backdrop of vast meadows and wheat fields appears before you. Visit romantic Devon in the south-west of England. Take the winding country roads that lead you through the villages with their cute cottages. The landscapes are diverse and offer different opportunities for sporty holidaymakers. A network of special long-distance routes for hikers, cyclists and horse riders has been established throughout Great Britain. Want a little more than that? The real adventurers can go mountain climbing, skydiving, white water rafting or canyoning. There are always sports activities to be found near your holiday home.

Cultural and historical heritage of Great Britain

The rich history, legends, centuries-old traditions, cosy celebrations, historical monuments and museums can be easily discovered from your holiday home in Great Britain. The British are proud of their cultural and historical heritage and that is understandable! Are you staying in a holiday home or cottage in England in 2019? Then you should undoubtedly visit a castle, country house, church or monastery. Would you rather go to Scotland? Then taste the local gastronomy. Scotch whiskies are world-famous and you can also count on a nice beer or cider here. Visit a cosy pub or a farmer's market with local produce. Organise your own afternoon tea or English breakfast in your holiday home.

Explore the area from your holiday home in England, Wales or Scotland

Our holiday homes, cottages and farmhouses are spread throughout Great Britain. Take your car with you and enjoy a driving holiday in Great Britain. Discover extraordinary Scotland, the land of castles and whisky. Explore the impressive landscapes and untouched, wild nature of the Scottish Highlands. Or visit the castles, green hills and beautiful lakes from your cottage in southern Scotland. South Wales has a beautiful coastline, hills, mountain peaks, lakes and forests. You can go for beautiful walks here as well, and there are many sporting activities that you can undertake from your holiday home in South Wales. Northeast of London lies the Anglia region, a beautiful region which is home to the city of Cambridge. Group houses, cottages, country houses, farms and former granaries and of course apartments. You will find it all in our selection!

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