Chios is one of the islands of Greece that has not yet been discovered by mass tourism. Your holiday home in Chios is the ultimate starting point for an unforgettable holiday in one of the beautiful untouched nature reserves of Greece.

Holiday homes on mysterious Chios

Chios is the mysterious heart of the Aegean Sea, and one of the quietest islands in Greece. The island is of fertile volcanic origin, so you can enjoy the beautiful nature on this Greek island from your holiday home on Chios. The north is very mountainous, while the south of Chios is coloured by a large presence of fruit, almonds, olives, vineyards and countless resin trees (mastic). The number of natural wonders in combination with the cosy villages provide a peaceful fragrant symphony during your holiday on Chios.

Discover the island from your holiday home

From your holiday home in Greece, there are several sights that you really need to visit. Part of this is certainly the characteristic resin trees (mastic) that only grow on Chios. This is used to make numerous world-famous products such as chewing gum and a unique liqueur. Savour the taste of this Greek island. Chios also has a rich history, so you will find many beautiful castles, villas and yachts during your holiday on Chios. Discover the culture of the region, and you will be surprised by the many possibilities of this island.

Holiday homes on Chios are perfect for hikers and those seeking peace

During your holiday in Chios, there will be absolutely no crowds. The island is one of the quietest islands of Greece. The vast beaches of Chios are regularly overshadowed by olive and pine trees, so you will relax completely during your holiday. Hiking enthusiasts can enjoy their holidays in Chios. In addition to the ever-present natural beauty, the unique region of Kampos, for example, has many old houses and romantic alleys with flower gardens. From your holiday home in Chios, you can easily take a day trip to one of the other Greek islands, such as Rhodes and Crete. Or combine your holiday in Chios with a visit to neighbouring Turkey. Whatever kind of holiday you are looking for, you will find it on Chios!

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Holiday on Chios, Greece - FAQs
What are the most important places to visit on Chios?

Some of the best places to visit are the Castle of Volissos, the Medieval Castle, Chios Mastic Museum, Daskalopetra Homerus Stone, Windmills, Watchtowers, and Agio Gala Cave.

Any activities that I must include during my stay on Chios?

Some of the activities to try are organized tours around the coastline towards old shipwrecks, diving, hiking, and exploring the island’s many villages, monasteries, and historical landmarks

What are the recommended dishes on Chios?

Try seafood such squid, octopus, mussels, and shrimps at various seaside villages. Pair it with some great Ouzo, the Greek national drink.

When is the ideal time to visit Chios?

June to September are the best months to visit.

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