Stay in a holiday home in Hainaut, and enjoy the many possibilities of this province, located in the south-west of Belgium. From the holiday homes in Hainaut, there are plenty of opportunities for walking, water sports and visiting cities. Enjoy a hilly, green landscape with waterways, lakes and a rich industrial past, and visit various sights of this province. Take a walk through the magnificent l'Etang de Virelles and Parc naturel du Pays des Collines, and you'll be surprised by the landscape of this impressive region during a holiday in Hainaut.

A versatile stay in a holiday home in Hainaut

A holiday home in Hainaut offers you the opportunity for many trips. With 264 kilometres of rivers, the landscape of this province is characterised by water. There are several boat, canoe or kayak trips possible. On the banks of these rivers, you will come across beautiful works of art. Like the four hydraulic ship lifts at the Canal du Centre. There is a reason why these special lifts are included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Visit Lompret, Aubechies and Ragnies, the three most beautiful villages in Wallonia, or major cities such as Charleroi, Chimay and Mons.The inhabitants of Hainaut are real bon vivants, and a number of delicious dishes and regional products characterise this region.During your holiday in Hainaut, taste the taste of Belgium during a visit to the various breweries and abbeys, and enjoy a delicious abbey beer on one of the cosy terraces. Or discover the many castles, churches and museums of this region, and enjoy a Burgundian holiday from a holiday home in Hainaut.

Day trips in the Ardennes

Holiday homes in Hainaut are the ideal starting point for a wonderful walk or bike ride along the old castles and picturesque villages of the Ardennes. Visit villages such as Lompret, Ragnies, Vierves, Treignes and Oignies-en-Thiérarche. Or drive past the town of Tournai where the gothic cathedral of Notre Dame and the Belfry can be found.If you are looking for action and adventure, Hainaut is the place to be. The hilly landscape is ideal for survival activities such as hiking, rafting, mountain climbing and mountain biking. The lakes of Eau d'Heure offer a wide range of water sports and recreational activities. You can do waterskiing, surfing and sailing here, among other things.The coast of Hainaut is about 70 kilometres long. Along the shores of these lakes, you can enjoy cosy beaches and bars.Enjoy a versatile holiday full of water fun from a holiday home in Hainaut.  

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Holiday in Hainaut - FAQs
How many Belvilla houses can I choose from in Hainaut?

There are 30+ Belvilla houses in Hainaut.

What are the most important places to visit in Hainaut?

Some of the most important places to visit in Hainaut are Pairi Daiza, Strépy-Thieu boat lift, and Mons Memorial Museum.

Any activities that I must include during my stay in Hainaut?

Some of the must-do activities in Hainaut are

  • Adventure sports at Ice Mountain Adventure Park
  • Forest Hiking
  • Art and Cultural Tours
  • Visiting Museums 
  • Nature Tours


If I’m coming from the UK, what are my options?

Travelers from the UK can reach Hainaut by train, bus, or flight.

When is the ideal time to visit Hainaut?

The months of July and August are the best to visit Hainaut.

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