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Holiday park by the sea

Walk to the sea from your stay at a holiday park? That's the ultimate holiday feeling! At Belvilla you will find many holiday parks on the coast, so you never have to walk far to take a dip in the salty seawater. A breath of fresh air by the sea and when temperatures are soaring, sunbathing on the beach. And after a day on the beach, relax in your holiday home at a holiday park.

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Relax in a holiday park on the coast

When we think of holidays, we often think of three things, sun, sea and beach! And this all comes together (in the summer) during a stay at a holiday park by the sea. Enjoy the nearby beach with your family, friends or entire family. And of course the dog can also take part in pet-friendly holiday parks.

Always wanted to have a holiday home by the sea? This is possible for a while, when you are staying in a bungalow on the coast. Staying in a holiday home gives you enough privacy and freedom to go wherever you want. Take a walk on the beach in the morning? No problem. After a homemade, fresh breakfast in the holiday home you can go on the road for a day full of fun activities. When the weather is good, you can of course cool down in the seawater and dry in the sun on the beach. At the beach there is also often a pleasant boulevard full of shops, restaurants and ice cream parlours where you can stroll around during the day and in the evening. The advantage of a holiday home by the sea is that you are within walking distance of the beach. So you can grab your towel, put on your slippers and walk to the sea. And in between you can also go to your holiday home. Staying in a holiday park is the ultimate enjoyment. You have everything within reach: there are often shops at the holiday park, there are plenty of activities for the children and there is perhaps an indoor or outdoor pool. You can also go on the road in the surrounding area, enjoy a day of shopping, see impressive sights or visit the local market. A holiday by the sea is fun for everyone! Whether you go on holiday with your children, partner, friends or a large group. Enjoy the beautiful nature and a lovely breeze on the coast. 

Holiday parks in the Netherlands
Holiday park by the sea in Europe

Europe has a long coastline, which allows you to spend your holidays on the coast in many different places. A bungalow by the sea in a holiday park is the perfect accommodation for you and your family. Plenty of privacy, great to go your own way and not be bound to times. Stay on a park in the dunes, behind dikes and within walking distance of the beach.

In the Netherlands there is a wide range of holiday parks on the coast. Whether you want to spend your holidays in Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland or perhaps on the Wadden Islands, where you always stay close to the sea, you will find it all at Belvilla. Do you want to be sure of sun in the summer? Then we can also recommend a stay in the south of Europe. The Côte d'Azur, for example, is one of the destinations you can choose from. Or you can drive a little further to the Spanish coast. No matter what season you go on holiday, the coast is always a great place to go. Kite flying, running, playing, building sandcastles or badminton with the children. And when you go with your partner, it's always nice to watch the sunset in the evening, while you're sitting on a rug on the beach. It couldn't be more romantic! Do you already know which destination on the coast you want to go on holiday? The choice doesn't have to be difficult. Are you going for a cute bungalow or will you opt for a luxurious stay with sauna and jacuzzi? There are also plenty of group houses at holiday parks that can accommodate the whole family! After a day at the coast, in the evening you can enjoy a barbecue on your own terrace at the holiday home and chat until the early hours. That's a real holiday! 

Holiday parks Southern Europe
The coast within walking distance of your holiday home

Your feet in the wonderful warm sand, the sun on your face, the murmur of the sea in the background, you can experience all this when you are staying at the coast. At any time of the day, you can walk to the sea, where you can breathe in the salty sea air and relax. You will find plenty of holiday parks by the sea at Belvilla.

In a holiday home by the sea, you are never far from the beach. Do you want to take a lovely walk along the beach with your family? No problem! From your accommodation, you can walk straight to the beach, to experience the ultimate holiday feeling. Visit nice port cities near your holiday park, stroll along the boulevard while the kids can enjoy various water sports. Of course, you don't have to stay on the coast all the time. From your cottage you can also spend a day in the countryside and discover all the beauty. Or how about a delicious picnic on the beach? Not only delicious, but also great fun when you go with a large group. Bring your favourite book, because the beach is the perfect place to read. In the meantime, your children can cool off in the sea or build sandcastles on the beach. After a day full of water fun, you can have a bite to eat at one of the restaurants on the beach or perhaps cook something elaborate during your stay at the holiday park. But of course, you can also dine in the restaurant on your holiday park. This way you are close to your house, but you don't have to provide your own food. After a lovely day you can have a chat in the garden of your holiday home or play a game with your family. 

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