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Holiday park for families with children

When you go on holiday with the children, staying at a holiday park is highly recommended. At Belvilla, you will find many child-friendly holiday parks with plenty of activities to make it an unforgettable holiday for everyone. In addition, you will also find many child-friendly destinations in our offer. Are you going to enjoy a family holiday soon?


A versatile holiday at a holiday park

Playgrounds, swimming pools, entertainment clubs; children will never be bored when they go on holiday to a park. There is plenty to do at holiday parks for both parents and children. Enjoy a bite to eat in one of the restaurants in the park, get your groceries around the corner and relax. And these are just a few of the advantages. 

The many facilities at the holiday parks ensure that you don't have to worry about anything. Your children can do their own thing during the day. When staying at a holiday park, they often make friends quickly, they can play together, swim in the swimming pool at the park or do crafts during organised activities. While the children are busy, you can enjoy a quiet day with your partner. Sitting on the terrace of your holiday home, with a book and relaxing. You can also go on various trips from the home. Get to know the area with your children, visit great villages, impressive sights and fun zoos. This diversity ensures that your children are not bored for a moment. And in the evening you can all sit down to a homemade dinner in the house, or enjoy a bite to eat in one of the restaurants in the neighbourhood. Whether you choose a fully equipped holiday home or a comfortable bungalow, there is something for everyone. Going to a holiday park with children is in any case a very nice experience for everyone. 

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Child-friendly holiday parks in Europe

Our holiday parks are scattered throughout Europe. The offer is huge, both in terms of accommodation and destinations. It just depends on what you're looking for. Summer holidays to the sun? Choose Southern Europe. In our offer you will find many child-friendly destinations that are suitable for a weekend, midweek or 1-week holiday.

You can choose to go to child-friendly holiday parks close to home in, for example, the Netherlands or Belgium. This is a particularly pleasant destination if you are travelling with smaller children. Then they don't have to spend so long in the car and you'll be at your holiday destination in no time at all. Go to the sea in Zeeland, or look for nature in the Veluwe. Here, you can go hiking and your children can go mountain biking or climbing. But the nature of Germany is also worth a visit. Why not take your children to the Eifel, a versatile destination that is fun for everyone? You are assured of summer sunshine in the south of Europe. You can enjoy the beach in Spain, Portugal or the South of France. That's why we also have holiday parks in the Costa Brava. It doesn't matter where you want to go, at every destination, there are holiday parks that are suitable for children. During your search, you can decide for yourself whether you would like to stay with a cot, a playpen or a highchair. In addition, you can also select indoor or outdoor play facilities. All these choices mean you can easily and quickly select a suitable holiday park. 

Many activities in a park for children

Do you already see your stay in a holiday park with children before you? Start the day with a delicious breakfast on your own terrace or in the house itself, with the whole family. Enjoy rolls from the oven, or just picked up at the baker in the park, freshly squeezed orange juice and discuss the day ahead. Every day is different when you stay in a holiday home!

Your children can enjoy many different activities at the holiday park. Whether they want to play close to home, in a playground in the park, or play hide and seek with friends, many parks have it all. Being outside and not having to pay attention to the time. In the meantime, you can also relax by the pool in the park or by retreating to your holiday home. But of course you can also choose to explore the area with your family. Perhaps a visit to an amusement park or water park nearby? In many child-friendly holiday parks there are regular shows, craft afternoons or treasure hunts organised for the children. And when your children are being supervised, you can go out with your partner. Sounds like an ideal holiday, doesn't it? It doesn't matter where you go, in the vicinity of holiday parks for children there is always plenty to do. And if the weather takes a turn for the worse, you can enjoy a board game that is suitable for the whole family. Tasty snacks on the table and then it’s a treat to be on holiday. 

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