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Holiday park in the mountains

Beautiful views, surrounded by nature and plenty of activities, a mountain retreat is fun for the whole family. If you choose a holiday park in the mountains, you can enjoy a well-deserved holiday from the highest points. Hiking, cycling, climbing and clambering together, in the middle of the mountains you will never get bored. And you can also relax completely there. 


A diverse holiday in the mountains

Whether you are looking for an active or relaxing holiday, you can go for both in the mountains. In a bungalow in the mountains you are always in the middle of nature. In the morning a delicious (outdoor) breakfast with an impressive view and enough privacy around you. And in the background you can already hear the birds whistling. That's just enjoyment!

Are you going on holiday with the whole family? Then it is very important that everyone has a good time on holiday. Therefore opt for a diverse holiday in the mountains. The children can enjoy climbing and clambering, you can explore nature during a beautiful walk or bike ride and there is also plenty to do at the holiday park where you are staying. Because the advantage of a holiday park is that you always have everything within reach. Just get some sandwiches at the supermarket? You probably won't have to walk very far to get (fresh) sandwiches. Or swim in the pool at the holiday park. Perhaps an ice cream at the restaurant and relax in the backyard of your holiday home. And the children certainly won't get bored. Often there are many activities organised in the park and there are plenty of playgrounds to be found. Your children will be able to make friends quickly and enjoy a great holiday. Whether you want to go to the mountains on holiday in summer or winter, nature is beautiful in every season. In the winter you can tie up the skis and in the summer you can go hiking. Breathe in the healthy mountain air and soon you will find that you can relax enormously during your holiday. The two elements that come together during a mountain retreat are activity and relaxation. This ensures that you can always find activities that suit you and your family. 

Mountain cabins
In the mountains on holiday in Europe

Would you like to go to the mountains on holiday? In our offer you will find many countries in Europe where you can stay between the mountains. So you will always find something that suits your needs. In Austria, for example, you can enjoy nature to the fullest, but the Swiss Alps are also great. Experience a wonderful holiday at a holiday park in the mountains.

If you are a nature lover, then a holiday destination with mountains is for you. In this area you immediately get a holiday feeling and you can enjoy nature. Walk to the most beautiful viewpoints, cycle along winding mountain roads and enjoy the peace and quiet that surrounds you. Do you want to combine the mountain landscape with water? Then Austria is a great destination. You will find many lakes here, including in Styria and Carinthia. This allows you to cool off on hot days. But of course you can also enjoy plenty of winter sports here in the winter. Germany and Switzerland are also beautiful mountain destinations. At Belvilla you will find a wide range of holiday parks in the mountains. So you can also choose to go to France. When you choose a mountain retreat in France, you often also have a view of the sea. So even from the mountains, you can enjoy a relaxing day at the beach. So you don't have to choose between the mountains and the beach anymore! Or stay in Italy and enjoy the pure mountain air. No matter which destination you choose, if you like to spend your holiday in the middle of nature, then all these destinations are suitable. You will experience a different holiday in every place, but that means that you can also enjoy a new, natural environment every year. Which destination suits you and your family best? 

Holiday parks in a ski resort
Enjoying nature

Are you staying in a bungalow in the mountains this holiday? Whether you go with your family, a group of friends or the whole family, it's all possible. Enjoy the sunshine in the summer or in the winter while exploring the area. At a holiday park you have everything within reach so you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Of course you want to relax during your holiday. Get up at your own pace and enjoy a delicious, extensive breakfast. All this is possible at your dining table in the holiday home. Inside or outside, it's often possible to do both. And after a delicious breakfast, you're ready for a new day. Are you going to explore the area? Of course you can do this by car, but in an area with mountains you can also go on foot or rent bikes. Cycling with the children to nearby villages, where they can enjoy a nice lunch or visit the most beautiful sights. And on hot days, you can stop by a lake to take a refreshing dip on the way. But of course you can also stay close to your holiday home, at the holiday park itself. Because there's plenty to do there, too. While enjoying a beautiful view, you can for example do a few lengths in the pool or read a book on your own terrace. In the evening you can go to the restaurant in the park or you can cook in your own extensive kitchen. The barbecue can also be lit at times, of course. The advantage of staying at a holiday park is that you have a wide choice, so that every day is different. So you can explore the area, but also stay in the cottage for a quiet day. And if your holiday home also has wellness, you can relax completely. What does your ideal mountain retreat look like? 

Holiday parks in the mountains with wellness
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