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Enjoy a holiday park in South Limburg!

South Limburg is characterised by its beautiful landscapes. Hills, untouched forests and meadows that seem to have no end in sight. Walking or cycling you will be surprised by unexpected magnificent views every now and then. But the region has much more to offer. Like historical sights, well-attended events, wellness resorts and delicious local dishes served in most restaurants. 

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Why go on holiday to South Limburg?

South Limburg is also known as 'the bottleneck'. This is because this region is the narrowest part of the Netherlands. The southern Heuvelland, Maastricht and Valkenburg are the most famous and popular attractions.

South Limburg stretches between Liège, Aachen and Maastricht and is also known as 'Land without borders'. The South Limburg country is not only known for its beautiful landscapes and delicious local dishes. You can also visit several internationally renowned attractions here. You will really experience a lot when you stay at a holiday park in South Limburg. Of course we start with the many walking and cycling routes. South Limburg is a walking and cycling paradise, we can't ignore that. You will share the beautiful routes with cyclists, mountain bikers and riders. And all this almost on the doorstep of your bungalow in South Limburg. If you are not so mobile, there are also beautiful car routes that will take you past the most beautiful villages and landscapes of South Limburg. Nature and space also make this the place to refuel. The famous wellness resorts that you will find here will help you with this. From Roman-style swimming pools to thermal baths and from real spa programmes to extensive beauty treatments. Lovely! And then completely relaxed head back to your bungalow park, reminiscent of the luxury in South Limburg. This region also has something unique that you won't find anywhere else in the Netherlands: marl caves. You shouldn't skip them during your holiday in a bungalow park in South Limburg.

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Limburgs enjoy a holiday park

What are the reasons for choosing to stay at a holiday park in South Limburg? There are so many! In many of the holiday parks you will find at least facilities for both young and old(er).

Do you know the saying 'if the children are enjoying themselves, so are the parents'? It's a cliché, but it's quite true. At a holiday park in South Limburg, children can play and romp in playgrounds and (indoor) swimming pools with newly made holiday friends, while you can read a beautiful book relaxed on your lounger. Some bungalow parks in South Limburg even have a sauna! Of course, that's great to be able to relax for a while! There are many holiday parks in South Limburg near Belvilla. On our website you can compare them all, because the choice is very diverse. Are you looking for a detached chalet, a stately, luxurious villa or a comfortably furnished apartment? Do you want to take the whole family, association or group of friends to the south? Of course you can. You can opt for a group house at a holiday park, but also for several cottages that are located close together. What could be more fun than going down the paths together, into the avenues? So don't forget your hiking boots. Some bungalow parks in South Limburg are located directly on a nature reserve, so you can walk straight into that beautiful nature. Blossoming cheeks in the open air and then cooking together or sitting down in the restaurant of your holiday park in South Limburg. That's a real holiday!

The surroundings of your holiday park in South Limburg

Well, now you're at your holiday park in South Limburg. Now it's time to make choices, because there's so much to do! Are you going for sports and adventure, educational, lively enjoyment, relaxation or shopping?

If we are talking about action and adventure in the South of Limburg, we are talking about the Marl Caves in Valkenburg. You can discover this underground world - the system of corridors is more than 240 kilometres of land - in many different ways. You can go on a mountain bike tour, play an adventure game or go on a guided hike. And it only gets really exciting when the lights go out! Around the holidays in December, there is even a Christmas market in these caves! Good reason to book a bungalow in South Limburg. As the Netherlands is not really known for its predictable weather, there are also excellent indoor activities to be found in South Limburg. The most famous is SnowWorld in Landgraaf. No less than 300 kilometres of slopes are waiting for you to keep your skiing skills up to date. Take your warm clothes with you to the bungalow park in South Limburg, we would say. If you are not so sporty, there is also a range of other outings such as indoor playgrounds, escape rooms and water parks. The highlight of your stay at a holiday park in South Limburg will really be the city of cities, Maastricht! Historic squares and churches, the best (design) shops, festivals, exhibitions and numerous terraces full of fun and delicious food. Yes, Maastricht is a must during your holiday in a bungalow in South Limburg!

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