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Italian Lakes

The Italian Lake District lies between the impressive mountain landscapes of northern Italy and the rolling landscape of Tuscany. Famous lakes in this area include Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, Lake Idro, Lake Iseo, Lake Ledro, and of course Lake Garda. Holidays on the Italian lakes offer endless possibilities of activities for everyone. The Italian lakes have an abundance of golf courses and water sports centres. In addition, the lakes have splendid landscapes where you can go on beautiful walks. By car or by boat, you can discover the many picturesque villages around the lakes from your characteristic holiday home on the Italian lakes.

Holidays on Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore / Lake Verbano is one of the most extensive lakes in the Italian lake district of Italy. The northern part is located in the Swiss Alps, the southern part in the hilly country of Italy. One of the most beautiful Italian lakes on which to spend your holiday! There are even islands in Lake Maggiore that are worth a visit. The most famous are the Borromean islands, being Isola Bella, Isola Madre and Isola dei Pescatori. Because of the vastness of this Italian lake, and the wide variety of landscapes, it offers ultimate enjoyment from your holiday home on Lake Maggiore. This Italian lake is a wonderful tourist attraction due to the exotic planting of beautiful palms on the shores of Lake Maggria.

Famous Italian places along the lake are Verbania, Luino and Stresa. These are definitely worth a visit during your holiday at Lake Maggiore! But from your holiday home on Lake Maggiore, you can also visit famous places in Switzerland that are located on the lake, such as Locarno and Ascona. Or combine your holiday at Lake Maggiore with one of the other holiday homes in Switzerland. Lake Maggiore is perfect for sporty holidaymakers. They will have a great time here, because there is plenty to do on the Italian lakes. Waterskiing, windsurfing, sailing and hang gliding, it's all possible here! But nature and culture lovers can also indulge themselves during their holiday on the Italian lakes! Lake Maggiore is known for its flavours and fragrances, untouched nature, and as an oasis of beauty and tranquillity. From your holiday home on the Italian lakes, there are all kinds of cultural tours to undertake, including archaeological sites, parks and nature reserves rich in flora and fauna, botanical gardens, castles, medieval villages and traditions. A wonderful location for your holiday!

Holidays on Lake Lugano

Lake Lugano (Lago di Lugano and Ceresio) belongs to the Italian lakes, and is located on the border between Switzerland and Italy. On Lake Lugano, there are several characteristic cities and authentic villages that you can visit during your holiday on the Italian lakes. The nature here is really beautiful, and invites the whole family to all kinds of (sports) activities. In addition, there are beautiful, well-preserved churches, which have recently become accessible to everyone.

On Lake Lugano, you can relax with the whole family, walk through nature, sunbathe under the palms, and go on beautiful boat trips. Lake Lugano and its surroundings have a lot to offer for everyone, be it culture and nature lovers or fans of an active nightlife. With its beautiful panoramas and romantic locations, your holiday home on Lake Lugano is an ideal holiday destination on the Italian lakes!

Holidays on Lake Como

Lake Como (Lago di Como/Lario) is the most impressive Italian lake in northern Italy. Along the banks are villas, gardens and rural villages. Discover the hinterland from the holiday homes on Lake Como, a patchwork of wooded hills and rugged mountains. The holiday homes on Lake Como are all particularly well situated, surrounded by the green landscape of the Italian lakes. Beautiful mountains of over two thousand metres adorn the landscape on Lake Como. In addition, the untouched landscape is very varied, with different nuances, its rich past and characteristic villages. An oasis of peace and quiet on the Italian lakes!

The area is easy to explore on foot. Well-maintained paths are located along Lake Como, but you can also climb the mountains and enjoy the tranquillity. From your holiday home on this Italian lake, you can go on beautiful hiking trips through the mountains, or enjoy the beautiful Lake Como. During your holiday on Lake Como, visit the Castle of Vezio. Vezio is a small hamlet in the municipality of Perledo. This is one of the most beautiful locations on Lake Como. The castle was built in the sixth century by the Longobardic Queen Teodolinda. The rest of the hamlet of Vezio consists of a group of stone houses built around the Castle of Vezio. During your holiday, you can also visit the cities of Lecco and Como, located at the southern tip of Lake Como. These cities have a fascinating history, but are also modern and industrious. You should definitely visit these cities with their natural charms during your holiday on the Italian lakes.

Holidays on Lake Garda

Lake Garda (Lago di Garda) is the largest Italian lake. Enjoy your holiday in a picturesque landscape with deep blue water, oleanders, lemon trees and cypresses. Beautiful contrasts adorn the surroundings of Lake Garda. The north is narrow and surrounded by steep mountains, the south is wider and the shores are flat.

Lake Garda is home to small islands, which you should definitely visit from your holiday home on this Italian lake. On the eastern shore of Lake Garda, there are high mountains with limestone slopes, offering a magnificent view of valleys, forests, avalanches, hills, vineyards and olive groves, and characteristic villages. During your holiday on this Italian lake, you and your whole family can take fascinating walks along Lake Garda. Your holiday home on Lake Garda is the ideal base from which to discover the numerous possibilities. Lake Garda is the most popular destination of the Italian lakes. In addition to the many hiking and water sports, you can also visit the picturesque towns and amusement parks such as Garda land and Caneva world. From Lake Garda, you can also easily visit places like Milan, Verona and Venice.

An interesting tip for your holiday on Lake Garda has got to be a visit to the village of Sirmione. This is a village on a peninsula in Lake Garda, and it can only be reached via a pedestrian bridge. In addition to the 13th century fairytale castle with its high towers, drawbridges and battlements, the romantic village also offers endless narrow and winding streets, where you can wander around for hours during your holiday on the Italian lake.

Holidays on Lake Idro

Lake Idro (Lago d'Idro/Eridio) originates in the Adamello mountain. The Italian lake is an excellent location for your family holiday, and is becoming increasingly popular with tourists. This is mainly because of the beautiful unspoilt mountains that surround Lake Idro on both the west and east sides. From your holiday home on Lake Idro, you can enjoy all kinds of water sports like surfing and rowing.

Holidays on Lake Ledro

Lake Ledro (Lagi di Ledro) is a natural Italian lake, the shores of which have been inhabited since the Bronze Age. An interesting museum is located at the remains of a pole housing village, definitely worth a visit during your holiday at Lake Ledro! Lake Ledro is conveniently located, making your holiday home an excellent starting point for exploring all of Italy. This is also possible from any other holiday home in Italy.

Holidays on Lake Iseo

With a holiday home on Lake Iseo, you can enjoy a truly Italian holiday.This charming lake is embraced by the foothils of the Alps that can reach a maximum altitude of 2000 metres. Your holiday on Lake Iseo is absolutely devoted to water, but a walk through the area should also not be missed! The landscape around the lake is beautiful.South of the lake lies the nature reserve 'Torbiere del Sebino'. You can enjoy a beautiful piece of nature here, and you can spot numerous bird species. Do you want to be active on the road during your holiday?The Val Camonica is a very special valley north of the lake, with one of the largest collections of prehistoric rock paintings in the world. The path down is definitely worth it. Book a holiday home on Lake Iseo, and enjoy a quiet, but very beautiful part of Italy!

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