Jura and the Three Lakes Region

Holiday in Jura...a holiday in Switzerland with a French touch! The canton in the west of Switzerland is entirely French-speaking, and is largely occupied by the Jura Mountains. This ancient mountain range is situated on the border between Switzerland and France with beautiful, high peaks and vast plateaus. The area is an ideal destination for a hiking holiday, but in the summer you can also go horseback riding. In winter, the country is suitable for cross-country skiing or skiing in one of the small ski areas in the region. Experience a great holiday in the middle of nature, from a holiday home, villa or chalet in Jura.

Discover the beautiful nature from our chalets in Jura

Take the time to discover the beautiful surroundings around your unique villa in Jura. The area with its impressive mountains, green valleys, beautiful caves and flowering plains is known for its beautiful nature. Almost half of the Jura is covered in forest. This is why the mountain range has been given the Latin name 'jura', which means forest. Even though the mountains are not very high, you will encounter chamois. Sign up for one of the many excursions to see these elegant animals. The excursions are for early birds, because they start at six in the morning!

There are a number of beautiful lakes on the edge of the Jura, near Clairvaux-les-Lacs. The Three Lakes Region is known for its nature, wine, modern cities and picturesque villages. Go for a day of sailing on the lakes of Biel, Neuchâtel, Murten and the Aare. The cities in the area are very diverse. Biel is best known for its historical and architectural treasures. Or visit Murten with its beautiful city walls, the medieval town of Estavayer-le-Lac, or the most beautiful baroque city in Switzerland, Solothurn. Experience the charm and beauty of the Three Lakes Region from a holiday home, villa or chalet in Jura.

Enjoy an active holiday in Jura and the Three Lakes Region.

There is always plenty to do around our holiday homes in Jura. The beautiful mountains are perfect for a walking holiday. From the top of the Chasseral, you have a great panoramic view over the mountain tops and lakes. But the area is also popular among horse riders. Have an excellent trip through the hilly landscape of the Jura on horseback. The Three Lakes Region is also very popular with cyclists. Two major roads cross the region, and with the many peaks you have a breathtaking view. In winter, the mountains are also suitable for cross-country skiing. Or spend a day skiing in one of the region's smaller ski areas. You can also go canoeing, diving, golfing and hang gliding. For those who want to relax after an active day out, you can relax in one of the thermal baths. In short, you don't have to be bored for a moment during your holiday in Jura.

There are beautiful villages and cities around your villa in Jura and the Three Lakes Region

Besides nature, there are also plenty of beautiful cities to discover from your chalet in Jura. St. Ursanne, Porrentruy, Saignelégier and Delémont are rich in beautiful medieval buildings and beautiful old towns. The villages of Lods and Ornans are also worth a visit. Baume-les-Messieurs is very special. The village is beautifully situated in a reculé, a steep valley formed by glaciers. Culinary delights are to be found in Watch Valley. Discover regional specialities such as Tête-de-Moine and Vacherin Mont-d'Or in the cosy mountain cheese-making facilities, farms and lakeside terraces. Or taste the delicious wines in one of the many picturesque wine cellars. Enjoy an unforgettable holiday and rent a holiday home, villa or chalet in Jura and the Driemeren region.

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Holiday in the Jura and Tree Lakes area - FAQs
What are the most important places to visit in the Jura and Three Lakes area?

The most important places in the Jura and Three Lakes area are Creux du Van, St. Peter’s Island, Lake Biel, Chasseral, Saint-Imier, Moutier, and Tramelan.

Any activity that I must include during my stay in the Jura and Three Lakes area?

Some of the must-do activities in the Jura and Three Lakes area are:

  • Visiting Islands
  • Exploring rivers and lakes
  • Hiking
  • Cross country skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Horse riding
What are the recommended dishes in the Jura and Three Lakes area?

Some of the recommended dishes in the Jura and Three Lakes area are Vully Cake, Green Fairy Flavoured Ice cream, Jura Marc and Totche.

When is the ideal time to visit the Jura and Three Lakes area?

The months of May and October are the best to visit the Jura and Three Lakes area.

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