In Lago Maggiore, Ispra offers a pristine beach and the fascinating JRC-Ispra Visitor Centre. Resiga is a hidden gem with unspoiled nature, including a majestic waterfall. Besozzo boasts a rich history with medieval architecture and a lively market. Celina invites you to hike and bike in scenic mountains. Vignone offers exquisite wine tastings and breathtaking panoramic views. For an unforgettable Vacation in Lago Maggiore, escape to one of Belvilla's charming Ferienhaus properties.

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Top places of interest in Lake Maggiore

Ispra - Tranquil Village by the Lake

Resiga - A Natural Paradise

Besozzo - Gateway to Adventure

Cellina, Vignone - A Haven for Culture Seekers

holiday home in Lago Maggiore with swimming Pool, pet friendly and on the park

Beautiful Belvilla Holiday Rentals in Lago Maggiore

Swimming Pool- 29
Lakeside- 60
On Park- 40

Types of Holiday Homes in Lago Maggiore

Apartment- 59

Detached - 8

Pet-Friendly Paradise

For animal lovers, there's no better holiday than one that includes your furry friends. With Belvilla's pet-friendly vacation rentals in Lago Maggiore, you and your pets can enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Northern Italy together. You'll have access to a variety of properties that welcome pets with open arms, granting them plenty of space to have fun and play. Whether you're travelling with a small Chihuahua or a large Golden Retriever, Belvilla has the right pet-friendly apartment for you.

Dive into a Sea of Pools

If you are a water enthusiast, you'll love swimming in the pools of Belvilla's holiday rentals in Lago Maggiore. From large to small, heated to natural, there's a pool for everyone. These pools are perfect for taking a dip after a long day exploring the fascinating natural wonders of Lago Maggiore.

Whether you're travelling alone, with friends or family, you can splash around all day and relax by the water.

On Park - A Natural Haven

If you love being surrounded by nature, Belvilla's holiday rentals in Lago Maggiore will cater to your needs. With 40 properties in the park, these vacation rentals offer the perfect setting to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. You can explore the beautiful landscapes of Northern Italy and breathe in the fresh air every morning.

Here, you'll have access to stunning parks and gardens that provide a peaceful environment for you to relax and unwind. The vacation rentals are located near some of the best parks in the region.

Skiing Fun Near Lago Maggiore

If you're a ski enthusiast, then Belvilla's vacation rentals in Lago Maggiore are perfect for you. With two properties near ski areas, you'll have easy access to some of the best slopes in Northern Italy. The beautiful scenery and challenging slopes make it an ideal spot for intermediate and advanced skiers. After an exciting day on the mountains, head back to your cosy apartment in Lago Maggiore Italy and relax by the fireplace or balcony overlooking the mountains. With so much skiing fun near Lago Maggiore, you'll never want to leave!

The Perfect Base Near Lago Maggiore

Belvilla’s vacation rentals in Lago Maggiore are the perfect base for exploring all these beautiful region offers. Whether you're looking for adventure or relaxation, Lago Maggiore is one of Italy's top destinations. From scenic drives around the lake to exploring charming towns and villages, there's something for everyone.

Belvilla’s apartments in Lago Maggiore Italy are located near popular attractions such as Isola Bella, a stunning palace built on an island in the middle of the lake.

Lake Maggiore: beautiful cities and beautiful nature on the water.

Lake Maggiore, with an area of more than 200 km2, is one of the larger lakes in the European Alps. The elongated Lake Maggiore lies on the border between Switzerland and Italy and forms a transitional area from the Alps to the Po Valley. The northern part of the 60 km long lake is Swiss and is located in the Alps. The larger southern part is Italian and is situated in a hilly area. The Ticino River flows from north to south through the lake and several other rivers from Alpine valleys feed Lake Maggiore with water from the mountains. The water quality of the lake is therefore particularly good.

Holiday homes on Lake Maggiore are easy to reach by car. From Utrecht, depending on the exact location of your holiday home, the distance is about 950 kilometres. The quickest route takes you through Germany to Basel and then to your holiday home or flat on Lake Maggiore via the Gotthard Tunnel or via the San Bernardino Tunnel.

Holidays on Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore has been an attractive holiday destination since the 19th century. The rich nobility then settled along the shores of the lake and built large country houses and holiday homes with exotic gardens. The beautiful villas and botanical gardens full of Mediterranean and Asian palms still determine the image and atmosphere. The rolling banks, high peaks and green valleys that surround the lake offer plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature. You can enjoy endless hiking, mountain biking and of course just do nothing. The lake itself offers many opportunities for swimming and water sports.

There are several islands in the lake. The most famous islands are the Borromean Islands in the southwestern part of the lake. On Isola Bella is Villa Borromée with impressive terraced gardens, a beautiful 17th-century palace in Baroque style. The Borromean Islands can be reached by boat from Stresa, Italy. In both the Swiss and the Italian part, there are also nice cities, many of them directly on the shores of the lake. There are also interesting cities in the area that you can visit during a holiday on Lake Maggiore.

A holiday home on Lake Maggiore in Italy

The southern part of Lake Maggiore is surrounded by hilly terrain. The western banks are in the relatively rich Piedmont region, Italian for 'at the foot of the mountains'. The first town after the Swiss border is the lively medieval town of Cannobio. In addition to several nice beaches, the picturesque narrow alleys and the beautiful promenade along the water make Cannabio an attractive and romantic destination for a holiday on Lake Maggiore. Nearby, there is also the spectacular gorge Oridor di Santa Anna in the beautiful nature of Val Cannobio. More to the south lies the luxury Stresa, known for its beautiful architecture, especially Art Nouveau. The city has many squares and culture and music lovers will have a great time here.

The eastern shores of Lake Maggiore are located in the Lombardy region. The largest city on the eastern side of the lake is Luino, at the mouth of the Tresa River. The historic centre of the city is located directly on the water and there you will find numerous restaurants, cafes and shops. The Val Veddasca is close to the city. This beautiful nature reserve with old villages is ideal for walking.

A holiday home on Lake Maggiore in Switzerland

Locarno and Ascona are two particularly charming cities that are only 4 kilometres apart on the Swiss shores of Lake Maggiore. Incidentally, this part of Switzerland speaks Italian. Locarno is the largest city on the lake and has a sunny Mediterranean climate with beautiful vegetation. The lively Piazza Grande is located in the pedestrian centre of Locarno. Restaurants, cafes and shops abound here and in the surrounding streets and alleys. The ochre-coloured houses are characteristic of the city. The most famous sight is probably the 12th century Castello Visconteo, which also houses a museum. Ascona also has a special vegetation thanks to its pleasant climate. Ascona is located where the river Maggia flows into Lake Maggiore, and was originally a fishing village. Nowadays, Ascona is a fashionable seaside resort with a beautiful beach and a beautiful promenade. In the old town of Ascona, the Borgo, you can stroll endlessly between shops and galleries. Locarno hosts a film festival every summer and Ascona hosts the Jazz-Ascona annual jazz festival in the summer.

Several beautiful nature reserves in the Alps are easily accessible from a holiday home on Lake Maggiore in Switzerland. In the Cardada-Cimetta, you can enjoy hiking and mountain biking in summer, and in winter you can even ski. Hiking and swimming are possible in the various valleys in the area.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Holiday Homes in Lago Maggiore
When is the best time to visit Lago Maggiore?

The best time to visit Lago Maggiore is from April to September. During these months, you can enjoy sunny and warm weather, perfect for swimming and sunbathing in your Ferienhaus Lago Maggiore.

What features can I expect from a luxury holiday cottage?

Our luxury holiday cottages come with premium amenities such as a private pool, outdoor terrace, and stunning lake views. You'll also have access to high-speed Wi-Fi and air conditioning, making your Vacation Lago Maggiore even more comfortable.

What types of accommodation does Belvilla offer in this area?

Belvilla offers a range of accommodations in Lago Maggiore, including chalets, villas, and holiday houses. All of our chalets come with modern amenities such as fully-equipped kitchens, while our villas boast spacious living areas and breathtaking lake views.

What's the difference between a villa and a cottage?

A villa is typically larger than a cottage and often comes with more luxurious amenities. A cottage is usually more rustic and cosy, perfect for a romantic getaway or a small family vacation. Our selection of Apartment Lago Maggiore Italy offers both options for your stay.

How can I book a holiday home in Belvilla?

Booking your dream Holiday house in Lago Maggiore is easy with Belvilla! Use our convenient filters and search options on our website to find the perfect accommodation for your needs. 

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