While staying in a holiday home in Lika-Karlovac you will enjoy green landscapes, rugged mountains and babbling rivers. The varied landscape of Lika-Karlovac connects the Dalmatian coast with the Croatian interior. Experience an oasis of peace and quiet just a few kilometres from the lively beach. The many natural parks, springs and high mountains will ensure that you have a wonderful holiday during your stay in Lika-Karlovac.

Stay among the greenery in one of the holiday homes in Lika-Karlovac

Become one with the beautiful nature in a holiday home in Lika-Karlovac. The location of one of the most famous nature reserves of Croatia's Plitvice National Park. Here, you'll find 16 lakes connected by impressive waterfalls and can walk through forests, past limestone rocks and mysterious caves. This national park is on the UNESCO World Heritage list for very good reason and is definitely worth a visit during your holiday in Lika-Karlovac. Sjeverni Velebit National Park is also a popular attraction for nature lovers due to its attractive flora and fauna. Lika-Karlovac is the perfect destination for a versatile hiking holiday in the mountains.

Enjoy atmospheric old cities and cultural monuments

A holiday home in the Lika-Karlovac region is a great starting point for a visit to various cities. Get to know the rich history of Croatia in the many authentic villages, medieval forts and Dominican monasteries. A visit to the city of Karlovac, the capital of the province with the same name, is a must during your holiday in Lika-Karlovac. This city was founded on four rivers and therefore has a special Renaissance appearance. The city is surrounded by six bastions that are connected by ramparts. The lively heart of the city is the market square which centres around a statue of the holy Madonna. Of course, Karlovac is not the only interesting city in this region. You can also have fun days out with the family in the city of Lika, the birthplace of several ingenious inventors, Mariabedevaartsoord Krasno and seaside resort Senji with its 16th century fortress. Holiday homes in Lika-Karlovac ensure an unforgettable holiday for both young and old.

Experience action and adventure with a holiday home in Lika-Karlovac

Vibrant rivers and rocky mountains provide the opportunity for many active trips during your holiday in Lika-Karlovac. With mountain bike trails, paintball platforms and rafting trips, real adventurers can go to this region for a holiday full of excitement and action. The Croatian hinterland also offers fantastic fishing, hunting and hiking. Or enjoy a breathtaking view while climbing. If you're looking for a quieter day out, you could visit a vineyard on the hills of Sambor or take a canoe trip down one of the rivers that Lika-Karlovac has to offer. Take a look at Belvilla's range of holiday homes in Lika-Karlovac; you'll be surprised by this stunning environment.

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Holiday in Lika Karlovac - FAQs
How many Bellvilla houses can I choose from in Lika-Karlovac?

There are 30+ Belvilla houses in Lika-Karlovac.

What are the most important places to visit in Lika- Karlovac?

The most important places to visit in Lika Karlovac are Dubovac Castle, Klek mountain, and Aquatika freshwater aquarium.

Any activities that I must include during my stay in Lika-Karlovac?

Some of the must try activities in Lika-Karlovac are-

  • Visit Aquatika Freshwater Aquarium
  • Visit Dubovac Castle
  • Explore Ivanina Kuca Bajke
  • Biking
What are the recommended dishes in Lika-Karlovac?

Some of the recommended dishes in  Lika-Karlovac are, traditional cooked lamb, Horwath Brandy and Lika Cheese, Happy Licanin, and Albatross steak.

When is the ideal time to visit Lika-Karlovac?

The months from April to October are best to visit Lika-Karlovac.

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