Lower Saxony

Experience beautiful landscapes from a holiday home in Lower Saxony, also known as Niedersachsen in Germany. Whether you're a nature lover or a water fan, Belvilla is guaranteed to have a holiday home in Lower Saxony to suit you!

Enjoy flora and fauna from a holiday home in Lower Saxony

The two national parks in Lower Saxony are breathtaking. The National Park "Wattenmeer" with its endless salt marshes, dunes and sandbanks, is the habitat of seals, mussels, crabs and rare bird species. The romantic Harz National Park is very different - a mountain range with vast forests and crystal clear lakes. Discover the many faces and possibilities of the German landscape during a stay in one of the holiday homes in Lower Saxony.

Stay in Lower Saxony in a holiday home on the waterfront

You will find a number of water sports facilities along large and small rivers that flow through Lower Saxony. From a holiday home in Lower Saxony, you can enjoy water sports on rivers, canals, vast lakes, the rough North Sea, or the East Frisian islands. Everywhere you look, you can see canoes, water skis, surfboards and boats. In short, Lower Saxony offers endless possibilities for an unforgettable holiday by the water!

Enjoy the many museums and medieval markets

Discover German culture during your holiday in Lower Saxony, and enjoy many trips in the Lower Saxon cities. In addition to museums and art galleries, you will also find cultural events such as the traditional foxing festivals, medieval markets, fireworks displays, and characteristic markets. A typical feature of this region are the approximately 800 water and 600 windmills. Many of these mills have been lovingly restored, and can be visited.In short, you won't be bored for a moment from a holiday home in Lower Saxony.

Visit the capital of Lower Saxony Hannover

During your holiday in Lower Saxony, a visit to the capital of this region, Hanover, should not be missed. Hanover has a historic town centre with a number of beautifully restored churches. One of the main attractions of Hanover is the Grosser Garten of Herrenhausen. The park is fully landscaped in Baroque style. The city is also known for its industrial fairs, which are regularly held at the Hanover Messe. In the year 2000, the 32nd Universal World Expo 2000 was held in Hanover, making Hanover the first and only German city where this exhibition has ever taken place. Make your holiday in Lower Saxony complete, and be amazed by this versatile city!

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Holiday in Lower Saxony - FAQs
How many Belvilla houses can I choose from in Lower Saxony?

At Belvilla, there are 150+ houses in Lower Saxony.

What are the most important places to visit in Lower Saxony?

Harz Mountain National Park, See Goslar, Braunschweig, Celle Castle, Hanover, Marienburg Palace are some of the places to visit in Lower Saxony.

Any activities that I must include in my stay in Lower Saxony?

Some of the must-try activities in Lower Saxony are:

  • Visiting Museums
  • Going to National Parks
  • Exploring Medieval Markets
  • Water Sports


What are the recommended dishes in Lower Saxony?

Some of the recommended dishes in Lower Saxony are Arme ritter, apple soup, welf pudding, Eel fish, and buckwheat pancakes.

When is the ideal time to visit Lower Saxony?

March to June is the ideal time to visit Lower Saxony.

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