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The most famous and trendiest beach in Curaçao is without a doubt Mambo Beach. With a holiday home on Mambo Beach you can walk straight from your home to the beach. You couldn't get much closer to the beautiful azure seas. And you'll love every minute!

A relaxing beach holiday at Mambo Beach

You won't be bored for a moment if you book a holiday to Mambo Beach. This place owes its name to the popular bar, the Mambo Beach. Although the name of the beach bar has now been changed, the name of the beach has stuck. But it is also sometimes referred to by its old name: Seaquarium Beach. During the day, you can simply relax and, in the evening, the location blossoms into a popular place to go out. This location on Curacao appeals to various target groups. The beach slopes gently into the sea and the water is calm. This makes it an ideal place for families with small children.

Discover Curacao from your holiday home

Stroll along the boulevard of Mambo Beach and look out over a beautiful sea. There are plenty of restaurants on the beach and masses of opportunities for shopping. Or visit the Sea Aquarium, where you can watch the most beautiful animals in their underwater environment. Curacao offers a broad range of opportunities and beautiful treasures. Tip: rent a car and experience the ultimate holiday in this dream spot.   

Useful to know about Curacao

Since 2010, Curacao has been part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Despite the fact that it is now an autonomous country, Dutch influences are still very clear. The official language, together with Papiamentu, is still Dutch.

The island is loved by holidaymakers because of its many beautiful beaches and sunny climate; the average temperature is 27 degrees. The 'rainy season' lasts from October to February, but consists mainly of short nocturnal rains.

In summer, it is 6 hours earlier on Curacao than in the Netherlands, in winter time it is 5 hours earlier. Also useful to know: the currency is the Antillean guilder, but you'll generally be fine with American dollars too. It takes about 10 hours by plane from Amsterdam.

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