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Belvilla has numerous offers for holiday homes in the beautiful Moselle region.

The Moselle is a top holiday destination in Germany, not far from the Netherlands and Belgium. The Moselle is without a doubt one of the most beautiful regions of its already beautiful neighbour Germany. Why always travel far? Take a look at a fantastic destination around the corner from the Netherlands and Belgium. The region owes its name to the Moselle River that runs through Germany, between the cities of Koblenz and Trier. On the banks, you will find special vineyards that produce mainly white wines. The most common grapes are the Riesling, Elbling and Müller-Thurgau. Originally, the wines from the Moselle are semi-sweet to sweet, but lovers of dry wine have also found wines more and more to their taste in recent years. Wine-growing, among other things, helped the region to become a tourist attraction over time. On a discovery tour through and along the Moselle, you will pass friendly villages such as Cochem and Zell, and lively towns such as Trier. The winding course of the river gives you a different view over the spectacular scenery. Check out our offers of holiday homes or hotels, and choose the ideal destination for you to enjoy the Moselle. Whether by car, bike, boat or on foot, you will be amazed by this 544 km long river close to the Netherlands.

What is there to do during your holiday in the Moselle?

The beauty of a neighbouring country like Germany is that you are close to home, in a totally different world. The landscape offers different views than we are used to in the Netherlands or Belgium. The presence of mountains, for example, is reason enough to spend your holiday here. From Trier onwards, the Moselle River forms a very winding border between the low mountain ranges of the Eifel and the Hunsrück. These mountainous areas are ideal for long walks and sporty bike rides from holiday homes or a hotel. Between Koblenz and Metz, there is a 311-kilometre long-distance cycling route in the Moselle valley, known as the Moselle Cycling Trail. Here you can cycle your training meters away in the beautiful nature. There are also several routes for the hikers among us. How about a healthy trip through the vineyards? Or along romantic forest paths? As most of the route is level, it is suitable for both beginners and advanced hikers. You can enquire about the various possibilities at the tourist offices. Thus you can find out where you can walk safely and easily with your children and your dog. During the warm summer months, you can enjoy swimming in one of the lakes in the region. And are you ready for a more relaxing day, but do you want to see something of the surroundings? Then consider a boat trip on the Moselle. A region looks very different from the water. You'll be amazed by the characteristic green slopes and the well-tended vineyards. End the day with a wine tasting at a winegrower, or in one of the many villages, such as Cochem or Zell.

Discover beautiful cities of Germany during a holiday in the Moselle

The Moselle is home to a number of impressive cities. The most famous are Konz, Trier, Schweich, Leiwen, Piesport, Bernkastel-Kues, Traben-Trarbach, Zell, Cochem, Dieblich and Koblenz. One of the biggest tourist attractions is the famous town of Cochem. The presence of its Reichsburg is dominant. This castle was built around the 13th century, and had Napoleon as its most important inhabitant. Cochem's cosy market square is a good place to stay, and a visit to St Martin's Church, beautifully situated on the banks of the Moselle, is well worth the effort. Cochem is a city that is highly regarded, especially for those who love shopping. In addition, we find renowned vineyards in the vicinity of Cochem.

During your holiday in the Moselle, don't forget to visit the city of Trier. Trier is one of the two oldest cities in Germany, next to Worms. Walking through the city, you will notice the many Luxembourg students who make Trier the lively place it is. In the centre you will find the best preserved Roman city gate north of the Alps: the Porta Nigra, which dates back to the second century. Other historical monuments include the Barbarathermen, the Basilica, the Keizerthermen and the amphitheatre, where you can relive Roman times.

For a romantic walk through steep streets, narrow alleys and stairs to the vineyards, you should go to Bernkastel. The many characteristic half-timbered houses, for which Germany is so famous, adds an extra dimension to your walk through the historic centre of Bernkastel. The ruins of Burg Landshut looks stately down on you from above. In addition, Bernkastel is famous for its large number of good vineyards and producers.

The beautiful panoramic views during a visit to Traben and Trarbach will complete your holiday in the Moselle.

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Holiday in Moselle - FAQs
How many Belvilla houses can I choose from in Moselle?

At Belvilla, you can choose from 70+ properties for your stay in Moselle.

What are the most important places to visit in Moselle?

Some of the most important places in Moselle are-

  • Eltz Castle
  • Cochem Castle
  • Trier
  • Traben
  • Reichsburg Cochem
  • Moselle Valley 
Any activities that I must include during my stay in Moselle?

Some of the interesting activities to do in Moselle are exploring beautiful valleys, castles, visiting ancient towns and museums.

What are the recommended dishes in the Moselle?

Some of the recommended dishes in Moselle are-

  • Pork ribs
  • Erste Wahl
  • Soups and Sauces
  • Wines
  • Smoked eel
  • Baked trout
What is the ideal time for tourists to visit the Moselle?

The ideal time to visit Moselle is between June to August.

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