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For a lovely time in the south of France, your holiday home in the Dordogne is the right address! The Dordogne is a popular French region in the Aquitaine region, full of history, nice places and beautiful nature. Caves with prehistoric rock carvings, stalactite caves and castles reminiscent of the Middle Ages are some typical elements of this beautiful region. The province owes its name to the Dordogne river, which crosses the southern part of the region. This meandering river with its many rapids forms a picturesque setting and is perfect for swimming, canoeing or fishing. The sloping environment with beautiful wooded valleys and hills, guarantees an unforgettable holiday. Ideal for hikers, cyclists, mountain bikers and riders. But the Dordogne is also the perfect destination for a holiday with children or a dog. For children, there are climbing parks, and dogs can romp around in the woods and streams.

Are you in need of peace and quiet, or are you looking for the sociable bustle of the city? For families with children or for dog lovers, for everyone there is a holiday home in the Dordogne that meets all your needs! The choice is wide: from a stay on a farm, to a welcoming villa for 16 people. Would you like to experience ultimate luxury and relaxation during your holiday? Then choose a luxury holiday home with (private) pool.

The Dordogne consists of four regions, each of which offers numerous sights and activities for a fun holiday. These different areas in the Dordogne all have a name that refers to the colour that determines that area. Discover your favourite region, and enjoy a wonderful holiday in the Dordogne.

The Périgord Blanc is white because of the limestone soil.

The Périgord Blanc is the centrally located region around the provincial town of Perigueux. The city has a rich history. In the medieval city centre, there are beautiful palaces, beautiful buildings from the Renaissance, and even memories of Roman times have been preserved. The Arènes Romaines date from the time of the ancient city of Vesunna. Cathédrale du Puy-Saint-Front is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can stroll through the old streets and alleys in the centre, and the range of shops and galleries is endless. You can enjoy a varied landscape with hills, vast forests and various rivers in Périgord Blanc. You can visit special gardens and parks in Saint Astier and Mussidan. The impressive castle of Hautefort has been completely restored to its former glory after a major fire. Montreal, a 13th century castle built on a fortress, is located near Villamblard. Your holiday home in the Dordogne is the ideal starting point to visit the most beautiful gems in the area.

The Périgord Noir owes its name to the dense forests and truffles.

There is nothing more relaxing than enjoying the local delicacies on the terrace of your holiday home with pool. There is no other place in France where you will find as many truffles as the Périgord Noir. This is also the goose farming area. You can enjoy delicious regional dishes with international fame. The Périgord Noir is ideal for those who love good food and drink. But that's not all this region has to offer. You will also find one of the most beautiful towns in the Dordogne. Sarlat has a picturesque centre with many Renaissance houses, and a maze of small alleys and courtyards. You will find typical handicrafts of the region, art galleries and restaurants here. In Beynac, there is a beautiful castle against a steep cliff. Les Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil is sometimes called the capital of prehistory. There are caves here with prehistoric murals that are included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The caves of Lascaux near Montignac are world-famous. After a fascinating day filled with history and culture, you can relax in your holiday home in the Dordogne.

The Périgord Pourpre turns purple-red in the autumn because of the many vineyards.

For lovers of a delicious glass of wine, Périgord Poupre is the place to be, because this region in the south-western part of the Dordogne owes its name to the vineyards. Bergerac is the undisputed wine capital of this region. Solid full-bodied red wines, as well as delicious sweet white wines come from this region in the Dordogne. It is wonderful to enjoy a glass of wine in the garden of your holiday home while the children take a refreshing dip in the pool. Care to join us daydreaming?

Along the winding river, you will find lovely fortified towns such as Monpazier, Lalinde and Beaumont-du-Périgord. On the banks of the Dordogne, lovely beaches also offer opportunities for swimming. Or will you explore the area on a canoe trip over the river? For the cultural inclined, Chateau de Brion dating from the 12th century is a beautiful mix of different architectural styles. During a guided tour, you can also see the inside of the special castle. A visit to the beautiful city of Bordeaux is also possible during a holiday in the Dordogne, in the Périgord Pourpre. Simply follow the Dordogne towards the Atlantic Ocean.

The Périgord Vert is green in all seasons.

The Périgord Vert is the region for those seeking peace and nature. The many forests, rivers and lakes form a lovely landscape that begs to be discovered on foot or by bike. The capital of this paradisiacal region is Nontron, the green-white city on a ridge. The beautiful parks and gardens colour the city green, and the traditional houses are plastered white. In the vicinity of your peacefully situated holiday home, you can admire various estates and castles.

Whether you are looking for a lovely holiday home for 4 people, or a luxury villa for 18 people... One thing is certain: you will not be bored at all during your holiday in France. Enough reasons to dive into our wide range of holiday homes!

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Holiday in Dordogne, France - FAQs
How many Belvilla holiday homes can I choose from to stay in Dordogne ?

At Belvilla you can choose from 200+ holiday homes for your stay in Dordogne.

What are the most important places for travellers to visit in Dordogne?

Lascaux, Château de Beynac, Sarlat-la-Caneda, Jardins Suspendus, Les Eyzies are some of the places to visit in Dordogne.

Any activity that I must include during my stay in Dordogne?

Some of the must try activities in Devon are:

  • Visiting rivers and lakes
  • Exploring National Parks
  • Enjoying city life
What are the recommended dishes to try in Dordogne?

Some of the recommended dishes in Dordogne are regional specialities, succulent duck,confit, omelettes, sautéed slice potatoes, and grilled duck hearts.

When is the ideal time for the travellers to visit Dordogne?

The ideal time to visit Dordogne is in the months of April and October.

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