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Looking for a holiday home in Friesland? The environment in this region is varied, ranging from vast landscapes with farms, forests and heathlands, to the wadden region in the north of Friesland. Of course, the water, of which Friesland consists for about 15% too. An Eldorado for water sports enthusiasts! The holiday homes in Friesland are often close by, or even on the water! If you do not have sailor's legs, there are plenty of opportunities for cycling, walking or horseback riding. Our offer of holiday homes in Friesland is very versatile! Go for a characteristic holiday home in a historic Frisian village, a former farmhouse with a view over the wide fields, or a houseboat on the water. Dive into our offer, book a holiday home in Friesland now, and enjoy a wonderful holiday in beautiful surroundings! 

Your holiday home in the beautiful nature of Friesland!

Enjoy the many faces the province has to offer during your holiday in Friesland. You will find the Frisian lakes in the southwest. A tourist area and an ideal place for water sports lovers, with Sneek as a vibrant water sports centre. In the east of Friesland are the Frisian forests, with vast forests, sand drifts and heathlands. Visit the four national parks during your holiday in Friesland. The Alde Feanen National Park is located in the heart of the province. This marshy area is an ideal habitat for more than a hundred species of breeding birds. For a relaxing walk in the woods, visit the Drents-Friese Wold. In addition to the forests, you can also enjoy brook valleys, moors with fens and extensive drifting sands. On the border of Friesland and Groningen, you will find the Lauwersmeer area. A beautiful park with waters, grasslands, forests and sandbanks that are loved by walkers, cyclists and water sports enthusiasts. Your holiday home in Friesland is situated in the middle of this exceptional nature! 

Your holiday home in Friesland, the starting point for a trip along the Elfstedenroute

Your holiday home in Friesland is the ideal starting point for the Elfstedenroute. Make the trip while skating, cycling, by car or even walking! Visit the picturesque harbour towns and historic towns from your holiday home in Friesland, they are definitely worth it. The rich past has left special treasures. Dokkum is one of the most beautiful Frisian cities. Once a port city, now a place of pilgrimage. A beautiful fortified town surrounded by ramparts, with a historical atmosphere. Franeker has a special historical centre, and the second oldest university. Harlingen is like an open-air museum, with beautiful monuments and a cosy town centre. Leeuwarden, the capital, has many historic buildings and excellent shopping streets. Each city has its own special character. Discover the charm of the eleven Frisian cities from your holiday home in Friesland.

Your holiday home in Friesland on the waterfront

For a holiday filled with water fun, go to Friesland! Many of our holiday homes in this province are located on or near the water. The many lakes, the excellent facilities and the harbour villages make Friesland the ideal destination for a water sports holiday. Rent a sloop, motorboat, sailing boat or catamaran, and experience Fryslân from the water! Several beautiful sailing routes will take you to the most beautiful places in the region. Would you like to enjoy the panoramic views and the horizon undisturbed? Then be guided by an expert! This gives you all the time you need to enjoy the surroundings. Book a holiday home in Friesland now, and discover the province from the water!

Walking and cycling during your holiday in Friesland

Your holiday home in Friesland is the ideal starting point for a brisk walk or bike ride. Friesland is not only fun on the water, the mainland is also beautiful and interesting to discover the active way! In the north and west, you walk through the quiet terpenland, clay soils where peace and space get together. In the east and southeast, you can enjoy the Frisian forests. Of course, you can also walk on the mudflats during your holiday in Friesland. From several coastal towns, you have the possibility to take a mudflat trip. Through the network of junctions, you can make beautiful cycling trips from your holiday home in Friesland. On the way, you can have a bite to eat or a drink in one of the eleven Frisian cities. After an active day in the region, you can relax in your holiday home in Friesland!

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Holiday in Friesland, Netherlands - FAQs
How many Belvilla holiday homes can I choose from in Friesland?
There are 200+ Belvilla holiday homes in Friesland.
What are the most important places to visit in Friesland?

Some of the most important places to visit in Friesland are Stavoren, Workum, Sneek, Franekar, Hindeloopen, and Frisian Lakes.

Any activities that I must include during my stay in Friesland?

Some of the must-do activities in Friesland are:

  • Do a self-guided walking tour of Workum
  • Explore the art collection and museums
  • Visit the oldest medieval church
  • Go kitesurfing
  • Watch the sunset at the beach
What are the recommended dishes in Friesland?

Some of the recommended dishes in Friesland are Fryske dumkes, Fries Roggebrood, Kanterkaas, Hoornse Broeder, and Suikerbrood.

When is the ideal time to visit Friesland?

The months from June to September are the best to visit Friesland.

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