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Holiday on the Peloponnese is enjoying Greece

Peloponnese is one of the beautiful destinations for a holiday in Greece, where you can experience everything. The Peloponnese is without doubt a place where you can enjoy a stay full of culture, sun, sea, views, and sporting activities. Take a look at our website. You will find a lot of information about accommodations, cities, places of interest, and climate. The Peloponnese is located south of mainland Greece, and is the largest Greek peninsula. The connection between the country and the island is formed by the Corinthian Gorge, which is 10 kilometres wide, and where we find the impressive Corinthian Canal. The name Peloponnese is a combination of Pelops, an ancient hero from Greece, and nesos, which means island. Despite the fact that the Peloponnese is a peninsula. On the Peloponnese, you will iscover the ancient history of Greece, such as the city of Olympia. Take a look at the ruins of the old town of Sparta during your holiday. This city was the rival of the city of Athens in ancient times. The sanctuary of Hera, a goddess from the mythology of Greece, is another example of ancient history. You will find this sanctuary in Argos. Use our website for information about the different destinations, accommodations, holiday homes, and flats on the Peloponnese in Greece.

Nature and culture go hand in hand on the Peloponnese

The mountainous landscape of the Peloponnese include mountains with peaks of up to 2,000 metres. It therefore comes as no surprise that there are even ski resorts on this peninsula of Greece to discover. Check our website for information on destinations for a stay in these winter sports resorts. The interior of the country has a continental climate, due to the presence of bushy and rugged mountains. On the coast, you will experience Mediterranean weather conditions. Here on the Peloponnese, you can enjoy a relaxing stay by the sea. To discover all aspects of the peninsula, the use of public transport is a good choice. The train runs on the track at a moderate speed, so you have plenty of opportunity to take a quiet look at everything and reach the various destinations.

Some of the archaeological sites not to be missed during your holiday on the Peloponnese in Greece include Ancient Corinth, an archaeological site, Olympia, the site where the Olympic Games started, Mycenae with the Acropolis, and the Epidaurus Amphitheatre, Greece's best-preserved ancient open-air theatre.

Impressive cities like Stoupa and Kalamata

In addition to numerous villages by the sea and in the mountains, for which Greece is so popular, the Peloponnese also offers impressive cities, all more than worth a visit. During your stay, you cannot skip Stoupa. Stoupa lies in the region of Messinia. This region is very popular among tourists who love beach holidays. Stoupa is one of the seaside resorts that are located in the spectacular setting of greenery and mountains. One of the more beautiful and cosy beaches of this coastal region, is also located in Stoupa. You can relax during a holiday full of impressions. The lively terraces invite you for a snack and a drink. From Stoupa, you have the opportunity to make wonderful trips to the Prestova mine, once managed by Zorba the Greek. From your holiday home in Stoupa, you can complete your holiday by taking a walk along several mountain villages, each with their own tradition and customs, and visiting the caves near the city. In Stoupa, your eyes will be overwhelmed by all the images and colours.

Besides Stoupa, Kalamata is also an absolute must for your stay in Greece on the Peloponnese. Kalamata was once the capital of the former district of Messinia and, after a merger, is now one of the four boroughs. The city is known for the production of olives and olive oil. Two very important components in the food culture of Greece. If you are in Kalamata, take a look at the impressive Byzantine Church, or visit a cultural event. In Kalamata, there are regular dance festivals. The city is the subject of many songs, and Kalamata is famous for the Kalamatianos, a Greek dance. Kalamata is dominated by the high castle from the 13th century, with beautiful panoramas over the landscape. All this makes Kalamata one of the most popular destinations for a holiday on the Peloponnese.

Enjoy delicious food and drink during your holiday

The Nemea wine region on the Peloponnese guarantees the origin of high quality wines. In addition to the well-known grape varieties, you will also find the native species Agiorgitiko, also known as the St. George grape. Feel free to taste one of the local wines with a meal of typical small dishes, which in Greece are called "mezze". You will be surprised by the intense flavours.

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Holiday on Peloponnese - FAQs
How many Belvilla houses can I choose from on Peloponnese?

At Belvilla, you can choose from 20+ houses for your stay on Peloponnese.

What are the most important places to visit on Peloponnese?

Fortress of Palamidi, Nafplio, Bourtzi Castle, Simos Beach, Karathṓna Beach, Mystras, Epidaurus, and Monemvasia are some of the places to visit on Peloponnese.

Any activities that I must include during my stay in Peloponnese?

Some of the must-try activities on the Peloponnese are:

  • Historical tour
  • Wine tasting
  • Kalamata cruise
  • Museum visit
  • Beach activities


What are the recommended dishes on Peloponnese?

Some of the recommended dishes on Peloponnese are orange-flavored sausages, avgolemono, savoro, fried calamari, souvlaki, and fried dough cakes.

When is the ideal time to visit Peloponnese?

The ideal time to visit Peloponnese is May, June, and September.

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