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A luxury holiday at Spanish Water

Are you looking forward to a relaxing, quiet holiday by the water? Then take a look at our houses at Spanish Water. You're really going to enjoy this lagoon! On the south-east coast of Curacao lies Spanish Water. A safe, natural lagoon. It's a popular area for sailing. On the north side of Spanish Water you will find many bays, islands and the most beautiful coral reefs. If you pay close attention, you may even spot pelicans or sea turtles.

Why Spanish Water?

How does this lagoon even get its name? It seems that the very first inhabitants of Curacao settled at the mouth of Spanish Water. The location of the lagoon was also of great strategic importance for Spanish conquerors, among others. A legacy from this period is the historic Fort Beekenburg.

A fairytale lagoon, It is now a hugely sought after destination for a luxury holiday. Certainly the wealthiest among us like to stay here. During your boat trip, you may bump into Princess Beatrix as the royal family also has a home in Spanish Water. Even if you are not staying here, it is a wonderful place to eat in one of the many restaurants with spectacular views.

Useful to know about Curacao

Since 2010, Curacao has been part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Despite the fact that it is now an autonomous country, Dutch influences are still very clear. The official language, together with Papiamentu, is still Dutch.

The island is loved by holidaymakers because of its many beautiful beaches and sunny climate; the average temperature is 27 degrees. The 'rainy season' lasts from October to February, but consists mainly of short nocturnal rains.

In summer, it is 6 hours earlier on Curacao than in the Netherlands, in winter time it is 5 hours earlier. Also useful to know: the currency is the Antillean guilder, but you'll generally be fine with American dollars too. It takes about 10 hours by plane from Amsterdam.

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