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On summer holiday, do you want nothing more than to spend all day in the water, or would you rather go hiking through the great outdoors for hours on end? While one holidaymaker might delight in discovering the culture of a city, the other takes great pleasure in the beach. Whether you want to savour the Mediterranean ambience of southern Europe or bask in the fresh alpine air of Austria, Belvilla offers you the most beautiful holiday houses for a perfect summer!

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Summer holiday in southern Europe

Southern Europe is a holiday destination like no other! Of course it immediately brings to mind that fabulous coastline of sandy beaches and cobble shores, charming little bays and splendid boulevards, but that's not all! How about the inland regions with their countless vineyards, the scent of lavender fields, the marvellous view of olive groves, delicious Mediterranean cuisine and picturesque villages full of history? Fancy a sun-drenched holiday? A holiday house in southern Europe is just the ticket!

Luxurious Belvilla Summer Holiday Rentals

Experience a dreamy holiday this summer by renting a stunning holiday home with Belvilla. Our extensive range of holiday rental homes across Europe, including the Netherlands, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Austria, Denmark, Portugal, and Croatia, is perfect for a summer getaway. Relax and unwind in one of our summer cottage rentals or holiday rental houses with your loved ones. Enjoy the sunny weather and immerse yourself in the local culture. Find your summer paradise with Belvilla.

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Summer holiday close to home in the Netherlands

You don’t have to go far for a wonderful summer holiday! Our own country has everything you need for a great holiday. The neighbouring countries offer all sorts of things to do as well. How about a sporty summer holiday in the Ardennes or an expedition to the Wadden Islands? You can enjoy summer to the fullest with a holiday in the Benelux!

Escape to a Dutch summer paradise with Belvilla holiday rentals. Explore the beaches, winding canals, and charming villages of The Netherlands from the comfort of your own private vacation home.

Experience Dutch culture by sampling local cheeses and fresh seafood at the vibrant seaside towns. Take a boat ride through the iconic canals of Amsterdam or simply relax and watch the world go by from a cozy café. This summer, make unforgettable memories in The Netherlands with a Belvilla holiday rental.

Summer holiday Netherlands
Summer Experiences in Belgium

Discover the magic of Belgium this summer with a Belvilla holiday rental. From picturesque medieval towns to stunning coastal vistas, Belgium offers something for everyone. Relax in your own private vacation home while exploring all that Belgium has to offer.

Belvilla offers unique and luxurious holiday homes across Belgium, from elegant city apartments to charming farmhouses. Visit the historic cities of Brussels and Bruges or explore the stunning Ardennes forest on foot or bike.

Summer Experiences in Belgium
Summer Retreats in Germany

Escape to Germany this summer with a Belvilla holiday rental. Discover towering castles, picturesque towns, and stunning natural landscapes throughout Germany.

Belvilla offers luxury accommodations across Germany, from sleek city apartments to cozy countryside chalets. Visit historic Berlin or explore the charming villages of Bavaria. Enjoy a hike through the beautiful Black Forest or relax on the banks of the Rhine.

Summer Retreats in Germany
Summer Getaways in Spain

Experience the magic of Spain this summer with a Belvilla holiday rental. From stunning beaches to vibrant cities, Spain offers something for everyone. Relax in your own private vacation home while exploring all that Spain has to offer.

Belvilla offers unique and luxurious accommodations across Spain, from stylish city apartments to charming villas. Visit the vibrant cities of Madrid and Barcelona or explore the stunning beaches of the Costa del Sol and Costa Brava.

Summer Getaways in Spain
Frequently asked questions regarding Summer holiday 2023
What is the best time to visit and book a Belvilla holiday rental for summer 2023?

Belvilla offers holiday homes for rent year-round, but booking early in the year is recommended to secure your ideal spot during the peak travel season.

What are some features of a luxury holiday cottage offered by Belvilla?

Luxury holiday cottages from Belvilla offer premium amenities like private pools, BBQ areas, panoramic views, and high-end furnishings.

What types of accommodation does Belvilla offer for the summer holidays?

Belvilla has a wide range of options across 10 European countries, including villas, chalets, apartments, farmhouses, castles, and more.

What's the difference between renting a villa versus a cottage with Belvilla?

Villas typically have larger living spaces and outdoor areas compared to cottages. Cottages may be cozier and feature fireplaces or other unique characteristics depending on their location.

How can I book a summer holiday home through Belvilla?

You can easily search for available properties online using filters like size, location, price, and amenities. Alternatively, you can speak to one of Belvilla's Travel Experts for personalized recommendations and assistance with the booking process.

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