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The most famous Dutch holiday island is without a doubt Texel. Texel is not only the largest island of the Dutch Wadden Islands, but is also the most westerly island. Nice fact: Texel has about as many sheep as inhabitants (14,000!) and 1/3 of the island is a nature reserve! Texel also belongs to the province of North Holland and has a surface area of approximately 16,000 hectares. From your holiday home on Texel, you can set off to discover the island!

Enjoy life from a holiday home on Texel

Luxury holiday villas, but also bungalows, group accommodations and holiday homes ... At Belvilla you can choose from a wide range of holiday homes on Texel. Many of these holiday homes are located at various holiday parks (small or full of facilities), in De Koog, De Cocksdorp and Den Burg. A quick weekend break or a midweek trip? You can also find your last-minute holiday home at Belvilla. Your holiday home on Texel is the ideal starting point to discover the island, the countryside and the villages!

Texel: Unforgettable island experiences...

Texel is a wonderful holiday destination! There is a good reason why the island is popular among various holiday enthusiasts. Texel offers you a combination of peace, space, purity, action and liveliness. Nature lovers and those looking for peace and quiet can indulge themselves in the beautiful nature reserves from the holiday home and enjoy the many cycling and walking tours. Texel also has a coastline of 30 kilometres with wide beaches and beautiful dunes. This makes the island very popular among young beachgoers.  

On Texel, there is enough to experience the typical island experience for young and old.Together you can find shells on the beach, walk through the dunes, climb on the lighthouse (with stunning views over the North Sea and Wadden Sea) and watch seals in Ecomare. You will certainly not be bored during your holiday on Texel. Don't forget to visit a real sheep farm, take a trip with the shrimp cutter or pick fruit and flowers in the Selfpluktuin. Curious about the stories of beachcombers and how fishermen used to live? Then visit the Maritime & Beachcomber Museum.

On the road from your holiday home on Texel

Your holiday home on Texel is the ideal base from which to explore the island. The beautiful cycling and walking routes across the island make it easy for you to discover your favourite spots during your holiday. Occasionally you will stop in a village or beach pavilion for a snack or drink. Or taste the local products such as sheep's cheese, lamb, Texel's beer, herb bitters, shrimps or oysters. The real culture lover will, of course, find the oysters himself, because you can easily take this opportunity during your holiday on Texel!

Rather some speed and action? Texel also offers plenty of activities for the sporty types. Karting is possible on the outdoor circuit (500 meters) of Karting Texel. For rugged water & beach sports such as blokarting, powerkiting, flyboarding, coasting, surfing and sea canoeing, you can contact the outdoor company Zandbank Texel (Paal 17, De Koog). Or try a parachute jump at Paracentrum Texel. From a holiday home on Texel, everyone will experience an unforgettable holiday!The island is therefore extremely suitable for a holiday with the whole family. Do you already have your favourite group accommodation in Texel in mind?

Discover the villages of Texel

From your holiday home on Texel you can easily get to know the 7 villages on the Frisian Island. Den Burg is the largest village on Texel. De Koog is the only real seaside resort and the most touristy and lively. Here you will find plenty of restaurants, beach pavilions, shops and nightlife. The northern village of De Cocksdorp is also a real holiday resort on Texel. Around this village there are nature reserves De Krim, De Slufter and the Eierlandse Duinen. A well-known monument near De Cocksdorp is the Eierland lighthouse, from where you have a beautiful view of the neighbouring Frisian Island of Vlieland. During the holiday season you can take a ride on an authentic Texel Horse Tramway or opt for an adventurous beach ride with the open farm carriage! From your holiday home or group accommodation you can easily make an outing to the fishing village of Oudeschild. Here you can see Texel's fishing fleet in the harbour. From Oudeschild you can also take a boat trip on the Wadden Sea. From your holiday home on Texel you can discover all the villages by bike, but the car is also an excellent option.

Landscapes and nature around your holiday home on Texel

From your holiday home on Texel you can enjoy the natural surroundings with an enormous variety of plant and animal species that the island is rich in. Did you know that the Wadden Sea of the Netherlands and Germany is even on the Unesco World Heritage List? As a nature lover, don't miss the National Park De Duinen on Texel. A varied piece of nature with vast dune landscapes and beaches, wet dune valleys, forests, heaths and salt marshes and many animal and plant species. Numerous nature excursions are organized from Ecomare, such as a trip through the salty creeks of De Slufter or a walk along the Lepelaar colony of the Geul. The National Park abounds with various walking and cycling routes. Especially for the little ones there is the Sommeltjespad in De Dennen. This is a children's nature trail of +/- 1.5 kilometers, where the children go looking for Sommeltjes (a kind of goblin) of stone. A holiday home on Texel is a wonderful place to stay, but you should also explore the surroundings to make your holiday a special experience!

Transportation to your holiday home on Texel

From Den Helder, after a boat trip of only 20 minutes, you are on Texel (ferry port of Den Hoorn, via the TESO company). The car can be taken on the boat, but you can also cross over by bike or as a pedestrian. In the ferry harbour, there are buses and taxis and there is a bicycle rental available. The holiday experience starts during the crossing. On deck you can enjoy a fresh breeze through your hair, the sound of twittering seagulls and the (is)land in sight! Too fresh? Inside on the boat are several facilities such as a buffet, souvenir shop and seating areas. Once ashore, quickly look for your holiday home on Texel so that the holiday can really begin.Anyone who has fallen for the charm of this island will definitely come back for a weekend or holiday on Texel!

Last minute Texel

Is the weather unexpectedly good or do you just want to go away for a few days? Then book a last minute holiday home on Texel! From the holiday home, you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Texel offers peace, space and liveliness. Texel is the ideal destination for a last minute weekend away. For nature lovers, Texel is the place to be. Don't you have time to put up your faithful four-legged friend somewhere? Your dog can indulge himself here during a last minute holiday. Together with the whole family you can enjoy the various activities and get a breath of fresh air during a holiday on Texel. Rather something else than Texel? We also offer other last minute holiday homes in the Netherlands.

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Holiday on Texel - FAQs
How many Belvilla houses can I choose from on Texel?

There are 100+ Belvilla houses on Texel.

What are the most important places to visit on Texel?

Some of the most important places to visit on Texel are Dunes of Texel National Park, Ecomare, Texel Zoo, and lighthouse.

Any activities that I must include during my stay at Texel?

Some of the must-try activities on Texel are-

  • Parachuting at Paracentrum Texel
  • Flyboarding
  • Sea Canoeing
  • Surfing
  • Power Kiting
  • Blokarting
What are the recommended dishes on Texel?

Some of the recommended dishes on Texel are Texel lamb, mussels, and croquettes.

When is the ideal time to visit Texel?

The months from May to October are the best to visit Texel.

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