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Treat yourself to some well-deserved relaxation

Are you seeking complete relaxation? Then choose a wellness holiday home. Belvilla has many holiday homes that feature a jacuzzi, sauna and infrared cabin. After an active day, you can provide your muscles with some much-needed relaxation. In addition, Belvilla also has holiday homes with pools, so you can take a refreshing dip at any time of the day. That's pure enjoyment, wouldn't you say? Take a look at our wellness holiday homes and find your perfect accommodation. Looking to relax as soon as possible in a wellness holiday home? Then book a last minute wellness holiday home!

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Escape the hustle and bustle for a while

These days, we're all very busy. Every day we are busy with all kinds of things, rushing hither and thither. We invest a lot of energy into our work and do our utmost to get good grades. In the evening hours we don't stop either. That's when we enjoy ourselves with sports or by spending time on other hobbies.

The weekend is often dominated by making arrangements with friends and family, or going out with the children. It is inevitable then that there will come a time when we need a bit of relaxation. A holiday home with private wellness facilities can be the solution. A wellness session gives you the opportunity to completely relax and unwind for a while. During a stay in a luxury wellness holiday home or cosy wellness bungalow, you can enjoy a hot sauna or jacuzzi. At Belvilla you will find numerous accommodations with wellness facilities. Enjoy a stay with your family in a luxurious holiday home or enjoy a cosy bungalow just the two of you. You will always find accommodation that's just right for you in Belvilla's extensive portfolio.

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Wellness holiday home in the Netherlands or Belgium

Would you like to spend a short stay in a wellness holiday home? Then we recommend a holiday home in the Netherlands or Belgium! How about a wellness holiday home in Limburg, Zeeland, Friesland or the Ardennes? These provinces have a lot to offer besides relaxing in your own wellness facilities. You can also explore new places.

Limburg is a versatile province. Here you can visit historic Maastricht, convivial Valkenburg or go on a fascinating walking or cycling tour. You will also have a great time in Zeeland. Here you can go for lovely walks on the beach, of course, and enjoy beautiful nature reserves or pay a visit to the Oosterschelde National Park. In Friesland, you can visit the historic centre of Leeuwarden or rent a boat to enjoy a day trip on the water. Friesland is also a birdwatcher's paradise. Birdwatchers can indulge themselves in this province. A wellness holiday home in the Ardennes is perfect if you want to combine relaxation with sports activities. The Ardennes are also the perfect location to take your dog with you. You and your dog can have fun for hours in the versatile countryside the Ardennes is renowned for.

Wellness holiday home in Germany

You can also enjoy a wellness holiday home such as a sauna and jacuzzi in Germany. In the Eiffel and Black Forest regions, for example, you can take beautiful walks after which you can relax to your heart's content in your private wellness accommodation. On a winter sports holiday in Germany you can also rent a cosy bungalow or luxury holiday home with wellness facilities.


A cosy wellness bungalow in Germany is perfect if you want to go away for a week, just the two of you. Enjoy your private jacuzzi and sauna at any time of the day. Germany is also a great destination for a holiday with your dog. There are plenty of hiking possibilities in Germany, nor is it too long a journey to get to for your four-legged friend. Germany also has many beautiful cities that are definitely worth a visit. How about Berlin or Düsseldorf, for example? Cologne is also a fantastic destination. This city has a rich history and from late November until just before Christmas you can visit many Christmas markets here.


Group wellness holiday homes

A holiday home with wellness facilities such as a sauna, jacuzzi or swimming pool is a good option for a group holiday. Belvilla has luxury holiday homes with wellness facilities for 8 and 10 people. But Belvilla also has plenty of larger group options for, say, 30 or 50 people. Would you rather enjoy a wellness holiday home for two people? Even then you are at the right place at Belvilla.

Travelling with a group can be tricky. Everyone has different interests. A wellness holiday home in the Ardennes is a great solution. Here there are plenty of opportunities to relax, but also to take part in sports activities and visit nice towns. After exerting yourself, you can relax in your very own jacuzzi, sauna or swimming pool.

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