Zadar and surrounding area

Your holiday home in Zadar

While on holiday in Zadar, enjoy rich historical heritage, beautiful nature and Croatian gastronomy. Zadar, with the former capital of Dalmatia of the same name, tells the history of Croatia like nowhere else. Most of the islands off the coast of Croatia belong to the Zadar region, as do the Kornati National Park and the Telašćica Natural Park. Located between the mountains and the Adriatic coast, Zadar has varied landscapes. A holiday to Zadar is a combination of culture, art, tradition and excellent gastronomy. The wide range of holiday homes in Zadar offers something for everyone. Go for a former fisherman's cottage with beautiful views over the sea. Or book an adventure holiday home in the hills. View the range and choose your perfect holiday home in Zadar.

The impressive city of Zadar

While on holiday be sure to visit the town of Zadar, 3,000 years old, located on a peninsula. This stunning place has a rich historic past and the many unique buildings tell quite a story. Be sure to bring your camera, because you'll certainly want some snaps here! The Romanesque church of St. Anastasia and St. Chrysogonus, for instance. The 9th-century St. Danube Basilica is the most famous medieval basilica and the town's landmark. The Franciscan monastery and church of St. Francis are a sight to behold. Zadar is known for its city walls, the square with five wells and the various palaces and villas. Your holiday home in Zadar is the perfect starting point for visiting this interesting city!

Nature in the Zadar region

Enjoy the stunning views from your holiday home in Zadar. Zadar borders four Croatian national parks. There's a good reason why the parks are under the protection of UNESCO; it would be a shame if this natural beauty were to be lost. The Plitvice Lakes National Park is made up of 16 lakes with 90 waterfalls between them. The adjacent forest is home to bears, wolves and rare birds. In the Velebit Mountains is Paklenica Park with a stunning, karst landscape where you can go climbing. The Kornaten National Park consists of 89 islands and limestone rocks. The unique waterfalls of the Krka River are beautiful to see. Visit them on a hearty walk! The Telašćica Natural Park has the most beautiful, protected nature. The various landscapes full of contrasts offer beautiful views. The play of colour on the blue sea, the emerald green forests and the white rock near the coast all put you in mind of the Mediterranean. Your holiday in Zadar is pure enjoyment!

Tips for your holiday in Zadar

Your holiday home in Zadar is the perfect starting point for a day out. Thanks to the variety of nature, there is plenty to do and experience in this region. Go canoeing or rafting on the Zrmanja River. Keen anglers can do their own thing on the Vranje lake. The Paklenica National Park is ideal for mountain climbing and mountaineering. You can walk for hours along the signposted trails in the Velebit mountains. You can also go cycling, horse riding and sailing. Do you fancy an exciting holiday in Zadar? You can go caving here! While on holiday in Zadar, be sure to visit Nin, Croatia's oldest royal city. This city has the world's smallest cathedral: the Church of the Holy Cross, dating from the 9th century. Do you fancy sampling typical local dishes? Then try the dessert liqueur Maraschino, made from the Maraška cherry. Also try the Paški sir, the cheese from Pag. The beautiful scenery and culture offer plenty of opportunities for a versatile holiday in Zadar!

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