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A holiday farm for a unique holiday in the fresh air

Would you like to get away from the hustle and bustle for a while, to the countryside? Then a holiday farm is the ideal solution for you. Here you can enjoy farm life in the middle of the green meadows or swaying grain bushels. You'll hear the cows mooing, and the goats and sheep bleating.

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A farm holiday with family, friends or just the two of you

It goes without saying that a farm holiday is ideal for children. Here they can get to know the basics of our food chain, learn all about animals, and of course, enjoy being outdoors. There's no doubting they'll return home with healthy rosy cheeks.

A holiday farm is ideal accommodation for a family holiday. But also as group accommodation. Some are exceptionally spacious with many bedrooms where you can stay with a large group. You can also choose a luxury farmhouse with pool as your group accommodation. Or would you prefer to go to the countryside for a romantic stay on a holiday farm? That's also possible. Simply select your wishes on the Belvilla website and you will find plenty of farm holiday options in the Netherlands and abroad.

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Stay on a holiday farm in the Netherlands

Although our country is primarily flat, nonetheless it is varied. Year in, year out, the lakes of Friesland, the heathlands of Drenthe, the long coastline of north, west and south Netherlands, the Wadden Islands and the forests of Brabant offer new opportunities for a fun holiday.

Because the Netherlands is dotted with so many farms, you have plenty of choice when it comes to finding a holiday farm. For example, rent farm accommodation in Friesland with a large group and learn to sail or surf on the Frisian lakes together. Then go out for dinner in the evening in one of the local convivial towns, such as Sneek or Hindeloopen. You can of course also cook together on the holiday farm and enjoy the tranquillity of the countryside out on the patio. Are you going on a weekend break with the kids? Then book a holiday farm in Drenthe. Besides being renowned for its heathland, it also has a lot of sheep. Who knows, maybe your kids can get to know a real shepherd? A farm holiday in the Netherlands is also ideal if you are on a break with a group of sporty friends. Whether your group size is ten or thirty people, there are holiday farms that can easily accommodate large groups. Why not take the sports gear with you, to Limburg say, to conquer the hills by bike. If your group all adore anything equestrian, you can rent a holiday farm in Brabant. Find accommodation close to riding stables and the Drunense Dunes. These dunes are a designated nature reserve, with immense sand drifts you can canter over with your fellow equestrians.

Stay on a holiday farm abroad

If you want to enjoy the sun and peace and quiet of the countryside, then renting a holiday farm in Southern Europe is a good idea. You can find them in the south of France, Portugal, Spain and Italy. If you choose to stay in these countries, it is best to stay in agritourism accommodation.

Here you'll have the best chance of immersing yourself in foreign farm life, as tourism is incorporated into these working farms. So you end up on a working farm. Agritourism accommodation can take many forms. The two of you can rent a studio on a holiday farm in Spain. Sometimes there is the possibility to join the farmer's family for dinner. This is an ideal way to really get to know the Spanish culture. It is also possible to rent a larger holiday home, for larger groups In France, you can look for a bungalow for you and your children. Have you been delegated the responsibility of organising a reunion for a large group of friends? How about a farm in Italy? Here too you will find holiday farms suitable for group accommodation, because they feature additional bathrooms and bedrooms to accommodate several people. Find one with a large patio where you can spend sultry evenings with a good glass of Italian wine and share old memories with your friends.

Rent a holiday farm for special occasions

In addition to holidays in the countryside, holiday farms are often ideal accommodation for anniversaries, or other large family celebrations. Far away from the hustle and bustle, you can celebrate with your own group. Holiday farms are also popular for staff trips.

Get networking, away from the corporate environment, in amongst the farm animals and on the fields. But above all, a stay on a holiday farm remains the most popular family holiday choice. Because kids, animals and nature are always a good holiday combination!

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