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Does the idea appeal to you too? That you can take a refreshing dip at any time of the day? Then we recommend you rent a house or villa with pool. If you are travelling with children, this is a good idea: they will enjoy themselves in the pool while you start your next book under the parasol. The same goes for travelling with a group of friends: a swimming pool is a perfect, central place to catch up, enjoy the sun and a drink until the sun goes down.

Escape to a private villa with a swimming pool and indulge in a lavish holiday experience. Enjoy the sun and warm weather while relaxing poolside with family or friends. With Belvilla’s holiday homes featuring swimming pools of different sizes and styles, you can find the perfect accommodation to suit your needs. Book now and enjoy a refreshing holiday with Belvilla.

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Charming apartment with shared swimming pool in Italy

This charming apartment with a shared swimming pool is located in the heart of Italy's Tuscany region. Surrounded by rolling hills and perfectly landscaped gardens, this accommodation is perfect for those looking for some relaxation. The interior is spacious and bright, with large windows that provide plenty of natural light. The kitchen is fully equipped, making it easy to prepare your own meals.

Explore the local vineyards and olive groves or visit nearby historic towns such as Florence or Siena. This charming apartment is an excellent base to explore all that Tuscany offers.

Private holiday home pool

Whoever you are going on holiday with, be it your partner, family or a group of friends, at Belvilla you will find the perfect holiday home with pool. There are bungalows with private pool, holiday homes with a communal pool and holiday homes with indoor pool. In the Netherlands, but farther afield too. Have you packed your towel yet?

If you are going to a sunny holiday destination with your family, a holiday home with pool is an excellent choice. Your children will enjoy themselves in the water while you sunbathe or read a good book. Will you choose a detached holiday home in southern climes? These often have a private swimming pool and a large garden. If you choose a cottage on a holiday park then there are other activities to do, such as golf, tennis and football.

Travelling with a larger group of friends? Belvilla rents out holiday homes with private pool for 4, 6, 8 or more people. These houses are fully equipped and have spacious bedrooms, making them the perfect base for an active or relaxed break. The swimming pool is the ideal place to reconvene in the afternoon, and to carry on enjoying the beautiful day together.

Do you prefer a weekend break with pool with your partner? Then choose a small holiday home with pool where you can relax and unwind together.

Holiday homes with pools everywhere

You may think that you have the best chance of renting a holiday home with pool in southern Europe. Nothing could be further from the truth: there are also many holiday homes in the Netherlands with pools, and the same goes for Belgium, Germany and Austria. So you don't have to travel far at all to enjoy year-round luxury and some down time. In a private covered pool, a communal indoor pool or an outdoor pool.

Do you love holidays in Southern Europe? Then choose one of our holiday homes with pool in Croatia, France, Italy, Portugal or Spain. Most holiday homes are located in a quiet, child-friendly setting, on a holiday park with communal pool, or on the coast.

Would you rather stay closer to home? Are you looking for a holiday home with pool in the Netherlands or Belgium? We have a wide range of holiday homes with pool: private and covered or outdoor. Pools are ideal on hot summer days. 

You will also find a holiday home in Germany or Austria with a swimming pool here. How about a luxury holiday home in Germany with private pool overlooking the mountains .... During your holiday you will experience ultimate luxury and relaxation in your favourite holiday destination.

Villa with pool: now that's handy

Can't imagine a holiday without a pool? Make sure you book your trip in time: the sooner you search for a holiday home on our website, the wider the choice of accommodation with a swimming pool. Think about who you are going on holiday with and what type of holiday it is going to be. This will impact the type of pool you'll require.

The earlier you search for destinations on our website, the wider the choice of holiday homes with pools. Based on your group and your destination, decide your requirements in advance: your own private outdoor pool, a communal outdoor pool or a covered (subtropical) pool? This helps you determine the options straight away and helps you make the right selection on our site. Happy holiday!

Splendid villa with a private pool in Spain

Escape to a beautiful villa with a private pool in one of Spain's most scenic areas. This luxurious accommodation offers a stunning view of the surrounding mountains and boasts a well-manicured garden that makes for an excellent outdoor retreat.

Located close to the beach and other local attractions, this villa offers the perfect escape for those seeking some peace.

Luxurious villa with private swimming pool in France

This luxurious villa with a private swimming pool is located in the heart of the countryside in France, providing a tranquil and peaceful retreat. The villa boasts stunning views of the surrounding vineyards and hills, and its location ensures that you can enjoy complete privacy during your stay.

Explore the nearby towns of Bordeaux or Saint-Émilion or take part in some outdoor activities such as hiking or cycling. This luxurious villa is a perfect place to unwind and relax.

Spacious holiday home with a private swimming pool in Belgium

This spacious holiday home with a private swimming pool is located in the heart of Belgium, providing you with easy access to all the local attractions. This accommodation is perfect for families or groups of friends who want to enjoy some quality time together.

Explore nearby towns such as Bruges or Brussels or participate in outdoor activities such as hiking or cycling. If you want to spend the holidays with swimming pool equipped holiday homes then check out the Belvilla website.

Frequently asked questions regarding Holiday home with pool
What is the best time to visit a holiday villa with swimming pool?

Depending on your preference, you can book a Belvilla rental villa with a swimming pool all year round. Summer months from June to August are popular, while spring and autumn offer milder temperatures and fewer crowds.

What features make a luxury holiday villa stand out among other accommodations?

Luxury villas usually come with private pools, lush gardens, high-end amenities such as jacuzzis or saunas, stunning views of surrounding nature, and personalized services provided by dedicated staff members.

Are there different types of holiday homes offered by Belvilla besides villa with swimming pool?

Yes, we have an extensive range of accommodation options available in our 10 destinations across Europe: cottages, apartments, chalets, farmhouses, castles, and even houseboats.

What distinguishes a villa from a cottage when booking a rental property?

A villa typically refers to a larger, more upscale vacation home that often includes outdoor leisure facilities like a garden or terrace with a pool or hot tub. In contrast, a cottage tends to be smaller and cozier but still fully equipped for self-catering stays.

How can I book my dream holiday villa with Belvilla's help?

Booking online is easy! Browse through our selection of properties using filters such as location, property type, number of bedrooms, amenities, etc.

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