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The best homes for an ice skating holiday

Many people often compare gliding across a smooth frozen glass-like surface, to flying. Ice skating is one of the many fun activities the winter season brings, including snowball fights, sledding, tobogganing, skiing, and much more. Now, imagine ice skating in some of the most beautiful locations in Europe, surrounded by wilderness and mountains with the bright winter sun shining down on you. It's a comparatively low-impact sport, so elders and younger ones can join in the fun! So, pack your ice skates and plan your trip to one of the picturesque locations mentioned below. Don't forget to book your stay with Belvilla to make this ice skating holiday unique and memorable. With over 40,000 holiday homes all over Europe, you're bound to find a home to your budget and liking!


Ice skating on the beautiful Lake Weissensee

Skating on natural ice in the Land of Lakes has got to be your highlight this winter. Carinthia is home to some of the most beautiful lakes not only in Austria but the whole of Europe. You'll be in awe of their beauty no matter what the season. With 6.5 km² of ice - Europe's largest sheet of natural ice, skaters and ice sport enthusiasts flock from near and far to experience skating on the majestic frozen Lake Weissensee. Surrounded by a snow-capped mountain panorama, the 40cm thick sheet of ice stretches nearly to the horizon and provides a huge playground for the perfect ice skating holiday. So pack your ice skates for a picturesque ice skating holiday in Austria, and book your stay with Belvilla. With over 200 properties in Carinthia alone, you're bound to find the holiday home of your dreams, fit both to your liking and your budget.

Holiday homes in Carinthia, Austria
Enjoy a huge outdoor ice rink in ICEAmsterdam

If you're looking for a place to ice skate in Europe, one of your top considerations should be Ice*Amsterdam, the capital's cosiest ice rink at the iconic Museumplein. Located in the heart of Amsterdam, the pond in front of the Rijksmuseum on the Museumplein freezes over and transforms into one of the most fun ice skating venues in Holland. Beginners and advanced skaters alike can show off their ice skating skills surrounded by winter and Christmas decorations and fairy lights. Enjoy some great Xmas ice skating here, gliding on the frozen pond. An abundance of Belvilla holiday homes awaits you on this ice skating holiday. Browse our wide variety of accommodations and select a Belvilla holiday home for the ultimate ice skating holiday experience.

Holiday homes in Amsterdam
An ice skating holiday at Lac de Joux

Ice skating in Switzerland, and in particular on Lac de Joux, is an unforgettable moment and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Lac de Joux is the largest lake of the Jura massif, located in the Vallee de Joux, and turns into one of the most beautiful ice-skating rinks during the winter. Known for its winds, windsurfing and sailing in the summertime, the 9.5 km² lake transforms into a vast sheet of ice during winter, ideal for ice skating enthusiasts. Families and ice-skaters can skate on the lake and enjoy refreshments at the stands on the lake's banks. To make this ice skating holiday memorable, book your stay in a warm and cosy Belvilla holiday home — perfect for when you get home from icy excursions. Belvilla boasts over 50-holiday homes in Geneva which is an hour from Lac de Joux, so you'll definitely find the accommodation of your dreams in Switzerland's most majestic and picturesque city.

Holiday homes in Geneva, Switzerland
Christmas ice skating at Lake Bogstad

Indulge in Norway's ice skating season, as many Norwegian cities offer great ice skating opportunities on both man-made and natural skating rinks. Take your ice skates with you for a spin on one of the country's most beautiful natural lakes, Lake Bogstadvannet or Bogstad as it's known in England. Lake Bogstad is easily accessible, making it a popular ice skating destination for beginner and advanced skaters. The lake is perfect for swimming and sunbathing in the summer, and when it freezes over in the winter, inhabitants from all over Oslo go skiing and skating on the lake. Enjoy skating with your loved ones on the crisp ice surrounded by strikingly beautiful white trees and mountains. When you're tired from your activities, retreat to a homely Belvilla holiday villa for the night. Book your stay for your ice skating holiday with Belvilla — an assurance of comfort, luxury and convenience.

Holiday homes in Norway
Frequently Asked Questions about ice skating holidays
What should I be careful of when ice skating?

Although highly enjoyable, skating on natural ice does come with a few risks. Never go ice skating alone; always join a group/your family or go with a guide. It's crucial to carry the right equipment and a change of clothes if you fall through the ice. Lastly, check the ice regularly to ensure it's thick enough to hold your weight.

What type of holiday homes does Belvilla have?

Belvilla boasts a wide selection of holiday homes, differing in facilities, locations and even heritage. You can browse through the different categories and choose your stay according to your preference and budget.

Are Belvilla's holiday home facilities and amenities customisable?

Yes, you can customise and select your holiday home requirements and the features you want to include by ticking the boxes on the left side of our website's landing page.

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