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To witness Mother Nature's phenomena of colourful and vibrant curtains of lights, streamers and shooting rays is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Luckily, you can find many places nearby in Europe that offer breathtaking views of this magical display. Whether it be in Iceland, Sweden, or Norway — Europe's holy grail for the Northern Lights, you'll be able to experience the Aurora Borealis' ethereal light display without having to leave the European continent. For the best, most convenient Aurora Borealis holiday, we've not only compiled the best places in Europe to see the Northern Lights but also pointed to some comfortable and relaxing Belvilla holiday accommodations to go with them. Make core memories with your loved ones underneath the dancing lights and return to your nearby warm, cosy Belvilla holiday home.


Enjoy Uttakleiv Beach's Northern lights

Known as the Holy Grail of Europe for the Northern Lights, Norway contains many beautiful locations to witness the spectacular Aurora Borealis. It's one of the best places to see the Northern Lights in Europe, and for good reason. The Lofoten Islands, in particular, is the perfect place to marvel at the dancing curtains of light, surrounded by jagged peaks and pristine arctic beaches. The picturesque Uttakleiv beach offers plenty of photo opportunities, a clear view of the horizon, beautiful mountains, and, best of all, the ethereal green and pink light display on the perfect Northern Lights holiday. As for your stay, the abundance of Belvilla holiday homes nearby in Leknes is guaranteed to make this experience one of the greatest of your life. With the variety of Belvilla holiday home options, you're bound to find your perfect choice of accommodation. Book your stay in Leknes, Norway, today with Belvilla — an assurance of luxury, comfort and relaxation.

Holiday homes in Leknes, Norway
An Aurora Borealis show in Iceland

The Land of Fire and Ice is one of the best places in Europe to experience the Northern Lights in Europe. At 65° N, you'll be able to see the Aurora Borealis almost every night in magical Iceland. With a long, dark winter, the Northern Lights in Iceland are on full display, and the general rule is the darker, the better for seeing the vibrant dancing colours of the aurora. Since Iceland is very dark and dim during the wintertime, it is the ideal location to witness the enchanting Aurora Borealis display on your Northern Lights holiday. We understand the best trips go hand-in-hand with comfortable, convenient accommodations. For all Northern Lights fanatics, Belvilla has several stunning options for holiday homes in Iceland — perfect for a nightly excursion to witness the dancing curtains of light in the dark winter sky.

Holiday homes in Iceland
Seeing the Northern lights in Sweden

One of the best times to visit Sweden for a Northern Lights holiday is between early September and late March. As soon as winter sets in fully around January, the dancing curtains of light come out to play and can be seen throughout the Swedish Lapland, with the best times being 10:00-11:00 PM. According to the indigenous people of Sweden, the "Sami," are the lights from the souls of the dead. If you're planning a trip to this majestic part of the world, head out for a nightly excursion to the wilderness and marvel as the vibrant colours dance right above your head as if moving to unheard music. With a wide variety of accommodation options from Belvilla, you're bound to find the perfect home for your Swedish Northern Lights holiday. So, what're you waiting for? Book your stay in Sweden with Belvilla — an assurance of luxury and comfort.

Holiday homes in Sweden
Northern Lights at Haukland Beach

Another idyllic location in the Lotofen Islands for the ideal Northern Lights holiday is Haukland Beach. Sparsely populated and secluded, Haukland Beach is one of the best places in Europe to see the Northern Lights. Its tropical vibes and crystal-clear water during the daytime alone warrant a trip — however, the real show starts when the sun sets. An active Aurora Borealis at Haukland Beach will appear as if it's rising straight from the horizon, looking west or eastward. Make your memories permanent by indulging in some photography to show off back home. For the most comfortable and convenient Northern Lights holiday, book your stay in a Belvilla holiday home in Leknes, Norway — 1 hour to and from the Lotofan Islands, equipped with breathtaking views and scenery.

Holiday homes in Leknes, Norway
Frequently Asked Questions about a Northern Lights holiday
When is the best time to see the Northern Lights?

Although solar activity happens all year long, what you really need to witness the Northern Lights properly is pure darkness, making winter — December to March — the ideal time.

Where are the best places to see the Northern Lights?

Norway, Sweden and Iceland are some of the best locations for viewing the Northern Lights in Europe. Some places, such as the Lotofen Islands, are sparsely populated and secluded, reducing light pollution thereby increasing the visibility of the Northern Lights.

What type of holiday homes does Belvilla have?

Belvilla boasts a wide selection of holiday homes, differing in facilities, locations and even heritage. You can browse through the different categories and choose your stay according to your preference and budget.

Are Belvilla's holiday home facilities and amenities customisable?

Yes, you can customise and select your holiday home requirements and the features you want to include by ticking the boxes on the left side of our website's landing page.

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